Monday, March 31, 2008

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Bandit Needs a Home!

Well, Bandit is down on her luck (again) and she doesn't know why. She's hoping to get lucky FOREVER this time.

Here's her story:

"Hi, my name should be Mushy Love Girl Bandit 'cuz that's who I am. I was down on my luck a few years back when my unfeeling person dumped me in the Buckhorn Canyon to fend for myself. I didn't have any practice doing this as my only experience was being a loyal and loving dog. But good fortune found me and my buddy and we both found new homes. So I loved my new family with all my might. I am quiet and like to follow my person around and just lay down quietly near them...this makes me feel good and I hope my loving companionship makes my person feel good too! All was going very well for 5 years but then the children grew up and moved away and now, much to my heart break, my adult people don't want me anymore. No one deserves to lose their home...much less twice. I am ready made. I am house trained, mature and have good manners. Given a preference, little kids aren't really my bag...even though I do OK. I don't want to be all alone during the day so it would be the cat's meow (terrible metaphor) if I could keep company with someone who works from home or is retired. Also, steps are easy but jumping in a car is a bit difficult. I promise I will love and be loyal to whoever wants me forever."

As you can hear, it is a sad story. I ask each of you to please search your heart and database for Bandit's final home. She deserves to get lucky forever.

Thank you,


Amy Burgess
(970) 215-3528

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Babies!

Howard and Robbi, Named for Channel 4's reporter and camera person are now five days old and doing great, their momma was part of the nine goats rescued together with Dreampower Animal Rescue of Colorado Springs.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Grover Property, New Photographs

The following are just a few of the more recent photos taken of the Grover property we are working to purchase. There are shelters located on the property, but we did not have room to add them here. This is a very nice, low-maintenance facility, a lot of farm equipment is coming with the property. We have raised $30,000 so far towards our $60,000 goal. Please keep it coming and help to close this gap! We have only a couple of weeks left to make this happen. This facility is located on 640 acres.

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9 Goats In Need Find Sanctuary

Nine goats from Colorado Springs have found Sanctuary at Denkai. These goats were becoming neglected due to owner depression issues. He started with three goats and ended up with 8. These goats have not had a lot of handling, so were pretty wild when they first entered our Sanctuary, but have calmed down tremendously, 5 of these were bucks and have been castrated thanks to the Help of Dr. Barb Roberts of Loveland, CO. The three females are all very pregnant and due any day for kids. We are looking for homes for the male goats in a couple of weeks.