Friday, September 10, 2010

Mayor Vasquez and Dr. Arun Rustgi Make a Splash and Windsor Harvest Festival!

There's nothing like a good cause and a chilly day that will make you want to jump in a dunk tank!

Mayor Vasquez and Dr. Arun Rustgi DVM both of Windsor made a tremendous splash many times over to raise needed funding for Denkai Animal Sanctuary. Thanks to the dedication of Cindy and Shawn Winklepleck in putting this together Dunks for Denkai raised close to $700.00.

A great big hug to Dr. R and Mayor Vasquez!

Jack Needs a Home!

Jack is a precious little kitten who was dropped off at the adoption center with puss filled eyes due to a massive infection.

Our veterinarian was unable to save one of Jack's eyes, but was able to preserve the other. This kitten is so super sweet, an absolute love bug and needs a home to call his own.

A big thank you to Dr. Kidd of Platte Valley Veterinary Service for her continued care of Jack until we find him a home!

Please contact us at (970) 352-5330 to sponsor Jack or give him a home!

Embassy Suites and Denkai Team Up!

Join Embassy Suites and Denkai Animal Sanctuary for some bone-chilling family fun!
If you have adopted a dog from us, have your own wonderful pets or just want to come hang with us, please join us! This will be an annual event.

Go to: to register today!

What: 4 Mile Fun Run/Walk
When: October 30, 2010

Embassy Suites Loveland’s First Annual Phantom 4-Mile Race, Bone Chilling Breakfast, and Costume Contest will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2010!

# There will be prizes for the best adult costume, best team costume, best child's costume, and best dog costume!

# Discounted rate of $79 at Embassy Suites for runners on Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30!

# 7:30 a.m. - Race-Day Registration and Packet Pick-up opens at Embassy Suites, Loveland.

# 7:30 a.m. - First shuttle for runners and walkers leaves from Embassy Suites Loveland to the start line at beautiful Chapungu Park at Centerra.

# 9:00 a.m. - The official 4-Mile race begins at Chapungu Park

# 9:30 a.m. - Bone Chilling Breakfast opens - free for registered runners and children, with additional breakfast tickets available for $9.00!

# 10:15 a.m. - Kids 2K Fun-Run, followed by trick-or-treating!!! Note: Kids 2K entry is free with paid adult race entry; just add them as your family member when you register! If no adult is racing, then Kids 2K race entry is only $8.00 and ALL kids receive a completion medal!!! Course includes a 2K run with obstacles and Trick or Treating!

The race benefits the Denkai Animal Sanctuary!

Event Address: 4705 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538 view map

Course Description: The race begins at The Promenade Shops at 5971 Sky Pond Drive. The course winds through the beautiful Chapungu Sculpture Park and ends at the Embassy Suites Loveland where there will be a Kids 2K Fun-Run, followed by trick-or-treating and a Bone Chilling Breakfast!

Directions to start: Follow the map to the Embassy Suites Loveland, located just East of I-25 and Crossroads Boulevard - 4705 Clydesdale Parkway, Loveland, CO 80538.

Parking: Park at Embassy Suites Loveland.

Awards Info: Age group awards will be given for the top three runners in 10 year increments beginning with 10-19. Awards include spa packages, overnight guest packages at the lovely Embassy Suites Loveland, and much, much more!

Registration Info: Dogs are welcome to attend! Cost is $5 and add your pet as a family member when you register.

# August 31-October 15

Price valid until 10-15-2010
# Hauntingly Late Registration

Price valid until 10-29-2010
# 2K Kids Race (10 and Older - No Adult Entry)

Price valid until 10-29-2010
# Children under age 10 - FREE


# Race Day Registration

Price valid until 10-30-2010

Moon Gets a Second Chance!

Moon is a precious 18 year old pony. He was living near Dixon, WY and though his owners were kind-hearted, they allowed his hooves to grow a bit too long over a period of years.

This type of growth can be deadly for horses and ponies. It can cause issues with their tendons, founder, or they can grow to the point in which the horse can no longer get up to walk.

Moon is lucky, his owners were kind enough to give him up willingly knowing that it was in his best interest. The community watched this little horse knowing he needed help, but did not know where to turn. Thanks to Christi Chapman and other local residents, Denkai was able to step in and help.

We need aid in covering Moon's care (dental work, hoof trimming, medication) and transport costs now totaling $500.00. Even a $10 contribution helps tremendously.

Please visit: to make an online contribution or mail tax-deductible contributions to: Denkai Animal Sanctuary 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Updates: Clide and Ivan

Clide is doing very well in his foster home with John Cowie. The surgeons were unable to save his leg because the injury was too old, so it had to be amputated. You would never know it with this pup, he has learned to balance his weight well, is still very playful and is desperately seeking his forever home! Please contact the Adoption Center at (970) 352-5330 for more information or to help Clide. Funding in the amount of $300 was successfully raised to help Clide.

Great News!

Ivan the pyrenees puppy survived parvo thanks to the wonderful staff of Planned Pethood Plus in Denver. Funding for his care in the amount of $500 was successfully raised and he has been adopted by two wonderful supporters who will give him an amazing forever home!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Urgent! Clide Needs Surgery

Clide is a 1 year old Wirehair Pointer. He was brought into our Adoption Center by a local municipality. Upon evaluation by Dr. Kidd, he was found to have a fractured femur, an old injury that needs surgery.

Estimated cost is $1,000-$1,200.

We desperately need pledges for this boy.

Call: (970) 895-2337

Ivan, 6 week old Pyrenees; URGENT

Ivan is a 6 week old Great Pyrenees puppy who upon entering our Adoption Center was diagnosed by our veterinarian with Parvo. He has been hospitalized with a veterinarian in Denver. Authorities are looking into the breeding operation who sold this puppy to the individual home that surrendered him. He is under the minimum age requirement for sale.

Veterinary bills for this baby are estimated at between $500 and $700.

Ivan is still stable today 6/22/2010 and showing signs of improvement.

So far $400 has been pledged toward his care!

Visit: for updates and more information.
To contribute: and click on any donation button.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lacy's new home!

Lacy is a Great Dane that was transferred to K9 Bed and Biscuit and then to Denkai when we took over. She is a wonderful dog, house trained and very sweet. Thanks to a very kind couple from Fort Collins, she now has a permanent home!

Josie after 1 year at the Shelter, now Denkai Adoption Center

Josie is a 1.5 year old pit bull who has lived at the former K9 Bed and Biscuit Facility for the last year. She was having some serious issues at the kennel with tearing up clothing when we would work with her, but after a very short period of time and working with her, she has learned to harness her energy in positive ways!!! She has now been placed in this wonderful and permanent home! Josie is the white pit bull in the video!

Emily Finds a Home after Four Years of being homeless

Emily is a wonderful heeler mix dog who after living her life as a homeless shelter dog has found her place with Lloyd. he had been at the shelter (now Denkai Adoption Center) Since 2006. She has been adopted by Lloyd who loves her dearly! She couldn't be happier!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Horses, Mules, Donkeys Need Homes URGENT!!

After having more than 100 animals, dogs, cats, and rabbits removed from Little Bit o Love rescue and Sanctuary near Carpenter, WY by Wyoming Animal Control officers one week ago, the facility has decided to release 23 horses, donkeys, and mules to homes and other rescue groups.

This is a very URGENT matter, the deadline to find and place these animals is Thursday, the 11th of March. Please contact Floss directly at (970) 217-1457 or if you can contribute funding or a home for any of the following animals listed in the next four blogs here.

4 Year Old
Molly Mule
Halter trained

6 year old
John Mule
Halter trained

10 Year old
BLM Mustang

4 Year old

4 year old

4 Year old

4 Year old
BLM Mustang
Green, Has an incredible disposition, fast learner, very friendly

4 Year old
John Mule

4 year old

9 year old
Arabian Quarterhorse cross
Rideable for Intermediate level

6 year old
BLM Mustang
Has been saddled and ground worked
Great Disposition

4 year old
Great Disposition

11 year old
Appy, BLM Mustang
Is rideable but has arthritis in his hips.

6 year old
Green Broke
BLM Mustang

7 Year Old
Molly Mule
Trained to ride, Intermediate

Must stay with Lamar
Not halter trained, etc. Very friendly though!

Must stay with Clancy
Very friendly, does not have any training.

14 Year old
Had Calcium/Phosphorous deficiency as a colt

17 Year Old
BLM Mustang
Trained to Ride, may be a little green, has not been ridden in a few years.
Very friendly

5 Years Old
Very little training, great disposition, can be haltered.

5 years old
Rideable, Green

4 Year Old
Quarter horse type
Ground Worked

6 year old
Quarter Horse Type
Experienced Rider
Rowdy is insulin resistant, blood work required to keep up with his diabetes and only grass hay, no alfalfa or pasture at this point in time.
Rowdy is the MOST URGENT of all of these horses to place.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sucess Stories!

When Jason and Lesa Totten first visited Denkai, they were new horse owners with little experience.

Through a lot of hands on work with Denkai volunteers, they have come a long way and are not only adopting two horses, Dream and Sylver (one of the 18 arabians), they are also working as a foster home for our one to three years olds. This has proven to be an excellent program and is aiding our organization in not only making these horses more adoptable, but helping to increase our adoption rate.

Supplies for this program are always needed in the form of halters, bridles, older saddles, and lead ropes.

Shannon and her father Jason working with Western Skye, a mustang/paint cross gelding.

Skye is fostered with Jason, Lesa and Shannon until we can find a suitable home for him.

Shannon riding Dream

Shannon riding Sylver Moun! Sylver is one of the 18 arabians, previously part of a Niwot, CO neglect case.

Bubba the Haflinger

Bubba is an 8 year old Haflinger Gelding rescued from kill. He is trained to drive and ride.

Thanks to Jenny, he is getting worked with and exercised!

Liberty, Cutter, and Bubba Playing

This is an every day routine here at Denkai! Liberty and Cutter are two of our mustang geldings, Bubba is a Haflinger. This has actually been really good for Bubba, he has finally lost some needed weight!

Cutter is sponsored by Louise Orr-Bell!

Visit for more information.

Weanling Update

The Palomino Weanling is doing great, what a little spitfire! He is very obviously feeling much better these days after several doses of wormer and a lot of good feed, he has been running around and kicking up his heels on a daily basis. Now we are working on socializing him. He is going to be a fun challenge!

Pal is now in an excellent foster home with Scott and Patty. Whether they know it or not, Scott and Patty are giving him a second chance at life, one he would have never had otherwise. Pal's hernia is being monitored closely and Scott and Patty are doing everything they can to help in his recovery! Pictures will be coming soon!

Senior Horses Have Special Needs

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is home to five senior horses. Each of whom have special dietary needs that keep us busy tending to them every day! Below you will see each of their photos and read each of their heartbreaking stories.

Our work here is special and incredibly important to the happiness and welfare of these wonderful animals. Find out below how you can help them live their life out here at Denkai after a lifetime of service to people.

Our goal for all of these seniors since they are permanent residents here is to gain enough in-kind and cash contributions that will fence off a 50 acre area which is available now so that they may enjoy their stay. The emotional happiness in these animals is so important to us! Supplies needed include: 8' round posts, t-posts, smooth wire, wood for more shelters, a trencher to run a water line, hydrant for water, gates and lots of volunteers! Contact us if you can help!

Santana is a 28 year old Paso Fino Stallion. He was part of a neglect case in Jefferson county where he nearly starved to death. Thanks to the work of animal control officers and other individuals in the community, he is now safe at Denkai!

A big thank you goes out to Tracy, Jennifer and Scott for their hard work on Santana's new loafing shed. This took a enormous amount of effort on their part.

Santana is on a senior feed only diet, we could really use some help sponsoring him!

Jebediah is a 31 year old Mule. he was originally part of a dude ranch, then found a home with a wonderful couple. Due to health problems with his owner, they were no longer able to care for him.

Jeb is on a senior feed only diet as well. Sponsor him today!

Ponch and Fred are best friends at Denkai. They came to us last night because their owner passed from cancer recently. Ponch is 23 years old and Fred is 28. Ponch is an OTT Racehorse and Fred is an ex-therapy horse. Fred is pretty thin and is going to need a lot of extra care to get back on track, not to mention dental work as soon as possible.

Survivor, 33+ year old gelding. Survivor was part of the Miracle Horse Rescue with HSUS. He is doing very well still, has a lot of spunk is is just an amazing gentleman.

Fred again, you can see he needs a bit of help, but with your dedication, we can make this happen!

You can become a monthly sponsor for one or several of these special needs horses by visiting:
We rely on your monthly contributions to continue caring for and feeding each of these animals. Their daily feed includes mineral supplements, joint supplements, senior grain and lots of love twice each day! Each horse costs us a total of $150 per month to care for. None of these horses are sponsored monthly at this point in time. Contact us at or (970) 895-2337 to help.