Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hay donations roll in for Horses in Need!

This load courtesy Jerre Fisher and Larry Adams of Greeley, CO

This load courtesy Amber and Russ Herrell and Shiloh Acres horse rescue; Ault, CO

This load courtesy Alan Oster, Oster's Premium Hay, LaSalle, CO

Forward and Distribute Widely

For Immediate Release
Contact: Floss Blackburn
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
(970) 217-1457

Larimer and Weld County Hay Growers Come through for Homeless Horses at Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Greeley, CO - Jerre Fisher is one of the most amazing individuals that I have come across since founding Denkai Animal Sanctuary. Aside of caring for her own wonderful bunch of animals, Jerre has gone above and beyond the call of duty for Denkai's Sanctuary animals and most recently the arabian horses in need. Visit:,2725,494-795956,00.html to read Jerre's story, get out your kerchief, it will bring tears to your eyes.

Thanks to Alan Oster of Oster's Premium Hay in LaSalle, Colorado, Larry Adams of Greeley, CO, a large contribution from Jerre Fisher of Greeley, CO and Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue of Ault, CO, more than 10 tons of hay has been contributed to the Sanctuary in the last week. This will get the horses through the next 30 days and hopefully a little longer until a court ruling can be made on the Arabian Horses from Dry Creek Arabians in Niwot, Colorado.

Photos of the Hay contributed, the original press release, and a video of the arabian horses designed by teenager Katrina Stowasser of Fort Collins, CO can be viewed on our website at:

We are not out of the woods yet, please keep contributing your in-kind and cash contributions for the animals. Hay is a constant every day need if you happen to know of anybody that is willing to contribute even a small amount, it will make a difference!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary can be reached at:
(970) 217-1457

Friday, August 29, 2008

18 Arabian Horses, Video By Katrina Stowasser!

Wonderful Video By Katrina Stowasser of arabians in need.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18 Arabian Horses in Desperate Need!

For Immediate Release
Contact: Floss Blackburn
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
(970) 217-1457


Grover/Niwot, CO-- Rulings by the Supreme Court have recently shut down horse slaughter plants in the United States. For many this was an enormous victory. Horses are dumped weekly at our local sale barns by dude ranches, breeders, and other individual owners that are totally clueless to the fact that their well trained horse is destined to end up in the hands of a kill buyer and headed to a Mexican or Canadian slaughter plant, a fate worse than death.

For eighteen Arabian and Arabian Cross horses this fate has been delayed over the last ten months. They are now staring it in the face. Colorado law states that livestock are considered property, not a pet animal, therefore these horses are considered property and are treated as such in the judicial system. This law is flawed, though horses are not necessarily pet animals, they are not inanimate objects to be simply auctioned off either.

These horses have been the victims of a horrifying divorce between Mr. and Mrs. Helmick. They are caught up in a nightmare of he says, she says and their only options are to die or have a ruling handing them over to Denkai Animal Sanctuary in hopes of finding a home.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary has been housing these eighteen Arabian and Arabian cross horses since Novemeber of 2007. These horses were brought to the Sanctuary in poor condition from Marcy Trescott-Helmick’s Dry Creek Arabian facility in Niwot, CO. Marcy Trescott is the Owner of Dry Creek Arabians and plead guilty to two counts of misdemeanor cruelty to animals in December of 2007. ( The Sanctuary has been able to care for these horses through a written agreement and payments from a Boulder County Agistor.

Below is a list of media that had covered the story of these Arabian horses from the beginning of their plight:

Since May of 2008, payments towards the care of these horses have ceased. Denkai Animal Sanctuary with the help of Horses Forever in Hygiene, CO has had hay, farrier work, vaccinations, and veterinary care donated towards these innocent beings. Resources have run dry, without public help, there is nothing left to care for these horses.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary has placed a lien against these horses and is working to get a hearing in court to take possession of them in order to bypass the “norm”. The normal process that happens since horses are considered property once a lien is placed provides that these horses would have to be sold at auction. This means that they would be purchased at auction most likely by kill buyers who would then ship them to a Mexican or Canadian Slaughter plant. After almost a year of rehabilitation, Denkai can not fathom such a fate for these horses. The Sanctuary has worked with local veterinarians in beating cancer, providing needed dental work, de-worming and putting more than 100 lbs on each of these horses, just for them to go to slaughter? We don’t think so!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is asking for help from the public to save these horses and show that there is another option rather than public auction for such animals. These are not vehicles, houses, or material items! They are living, breathing beings. They have feelings; they can become frightened, sad, and happy. How is that we have reduced horses to the likes of an inanimate object?

The need for help is GREAT and URGENT! Please make a contribution to the Sanctuary; Denkai desperately needs hay, the horses each 10 tons per month. The Sanctuary has located good quality grass hay for $70.00 per ton to help feed these horses and needs to raise a total of $1,400.00 to bring in 20 tons which will help to feed these horses for two months. By this time, a court ruling should have been made and these horses should be seeking homes. This is our greatest need while the lives of these horses hang in the balance. Please don’t let them down!

Contributions can be made to:
Denkai Animal Sanctuary
36710 WCR 126
Grover, CO 80729

Contributions can be made online at:

Monday, August 18, 2008

Teens working hard at the Sanctuary

Elijah and his friend Jamie both from Fort Collins and in High School spent a large portion of their summer helping the Sanctuary. Both of these hard working teens are eligible for our Presidential Service Award. Elijah has spent more than 6000 hours volunteering with the Sanctuary since 2004 and Jamie has spent more than 50 hours helping out.

After a couple of long days hanging drywall in relentless rainstorms, these boys decided to make the best of it and take a spin in the go cart through a few very large "ponds" in the driveway. The end result? It's always good to have a little fun!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Shadow, chocolate Lab in need!

Help! I've just rescued a very sweet chocolate lab mix from a bad animal \
shelter who had him on death row, because he doesn't "play well" with other \
animals! I found him a foster home for one week, but he needs a longer foster \
home or a forever home with someone. He's great with people and a very healthy \
50-60 lb. boy! He just wants to bond with someone. He's a neutered male, \
around 7 or 8 years old. Very friendly and well mannered. I've attached a \
photo. Would you, could you help?! Please let me know...303/547-2613.