Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow is Here, We need your Help!

Once again this year, we are snowed in! The 150 animals that call this home, need your help, act now, don't leave them without hay and grain this Christmas! The horses and other livestock residing here have been through terrible traumas; abandonment, starvation, beatings, neglect, the list goes on and on, thanks to your contributions, they are safe now. Help us keep them that way!

Dedicated workers spend more than 5 hours feeding and watering these animals on a daily basis. This is made possible by donation of a tractor by John and Eileen Connell and our 4WD Pickup truck Donated by DCP Midstream. These are two incredibly important tools, that we can not afford to be without in these winter months when feeding these animals.

We once again need to raise funding in the amount of $2,700.00 for hay here at the Sanctuary, we have managed to bring in two semi loads on our own since your last donations, but once again need your help, please don' t leave these animals hungry, this is our largest need here, the animals can not go without it. Our load of hay is en route right now from Montana and will be offloaded here Wednesday assuming the weather clears a little.

To donate: vist our website at and click any donation button or mail donations to: 10375 WCR 118 Carr, CO 80612 care of Denkai Animal Sanctuary.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miracle the Paraplegic Pig

Miracle is just that, a 5 week old pig, whose life is an absolute miracle.

This little girl was found by two very caring people lying on the side of the highway in Iowa after falling from a factory farming transport to the sale barn. She had tire tracks over her hind end and was struggling to look up for help of any kind.

She was lucky, Bobbi Jo was driving by that day and happened upon her. After being told to hit the pig in the head several times with a hammer and kill her by locals and veterinarians, Bobbi Jo decided to seek out other options. She called several Sanctuaries, all willing to help Miracle in some form or other. Our Sanctuary is able to house Miracle, such a special girl. She is not in pain, just paralyzed from the hips down. Miracle is able to produce regular bowel movements and gets around really well with just her front end. We believe she deserves a chance to live!

Iowa is a very large farming community, especially factory farms filled with pigs. This little girl doesn't stand a chance in a place like that.

You can help! We are working to gain a set of wheels for Miracle, if you have any resources for these, please contact us right away. This is an urgent matter. (970) 897-3122. Miracle will need a lot of care and TLC, your donations will help to save her life and keep her comfortable. Donations can be mailed to: 10375 WCR 118, Carr, CO 80612 or you can donate via our website at

The following is the original letter from those that found Miracle.

Dear Friends,
I am writing you in regards to a wonderful baby pig named
miracle. Miracle is a 5 week old paraplegic pig that we rescued
from the side of the highway. She wants so much to live and we
have went through great lengths to keep her alive. Unfortunately
we live in a huge factory farming region and don't have much
support from those around us. I have been told several times to
"hit her on the head with a hammer".I have been in touch with
several vets all around the country. We want very much for her to
live, even for a while. But she needs a lot of special attention
that we will soon not be able to give her. We cannot let her
suffer, so this is my last attempt to find someone who could help.
Are only other option is, euthanasia. I have to know however,
that there are no other options.

Make your donation now!

Hopi, Impounded from a Junkyard

Hopi is an incredible 35 year old Gelding. He was impounded by the State Veterinarian's office and housed at Denver Municipal Animal Shelter until his case was closed. Registering a 2.5 on the Henneke scale with teeth in dire need of dental work and a carcinoma on one eye, he was a mess.

The kind folks at Denver Municipal Cared for him well and then asked our Sanctuary to take him in. Gladly we did. Hopi is incredible, his is spunky with a lot of life left to live.

Please help by making a donation towards his much needed dental work of $150.00 and senior feed, cost for a 50 lb bag is only $12.50. Visit our website at to donate today. Your donation is life-saving in times like these!

Coyote Pup is Special, Your Help is needed!

Coyote Pup is a three month old cattle dog puppy with very special needs. She was found wandering the streets of Greeley after being dumped by an owner that refused to care for her. Full of worms, totally deaf and blind in her right eye, she is truly a miracle.

Coyote Pup is now flourishing at our Sanctuary, playing with the other puppies and slowly learning how to live with her disabilities. You can help to save her life by making a donation today. Visit our website at to donate.

Friday, November 16, 2007


California Dogs, Chihuahua Brother and Sister

We are looking for a home for the two brother and sister loving smart dogs. They are long and short hair Chihuahua. They need to stay together.

Both are spayed and neutered
2 years old
House trained

We'll know more and have better pics when they get here!

Friday, November 09, 2007

More Adoptable Puppies

We need homes!!

This is a 4 month old Jack Russell Terrier Mix, very sweet, loves to play, just adorable!

This little four month old Border Collie/Aussie is very sweet and gentle, doing good on a leash, will need puppy training from the ground up, but very intelligent. Female

Pico is approximately 7-8 months old, he was found as a stray here in Carr, nobody has claimed him. He is now available for adoption. He has had some training, he knows sit, stay, come and is very willing to learn. We believe he is a spaniel mix.

More Adoptable Puppies

Puppies Need Homes!

These adorable puppies are in need of homes. They have come from other shelters that no longer have room available for them. All veterinary work has been done.

Contact us at (970) 897-3122 for more information!

Penelope is in Need!

Penelope, our 10 year old Staffordshire Terrier had emergency surgery yesterday for a hematoma in her ear along with a broken tooth.

Penelope is a very sweet dog, she was surrendered to the Sanctuary two years ago because her owner passed away. This was right as the pit bull bans were hitting Denver and she had no chance of living the rest of her life there.

Penelope needs your help. Her veterinary care is costing $462.00 due to surgery and emergency dental work. Your donations are life-saving in times likes this, we could not do it without your support. Visit our website at to donate.

Kitten Caboodle!

Seventeen Kittens from an outdoor colony have found safety with our Sanctuary. These kittens are awaiting spay/neuter surgeries, have been vaccinated and wormed and are safely in foster homes.

We are looking for adoptive homes for these wonderful furry babies if you know of anybody looking!

So many cats and kittens here in Weld county die terrible deaths living outdoors, whether from drowning, shooting, or poisoning as methods to control their colonies. Our Sanctuary has been working hard helping these colonies and has provided spay/neuter surgeries and food for colonies in need. So far, 5 colonies and close to 200 cats have benefited from our help. Please consider making a donation to our sanctuary so that we can continue to help those in need!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Charles the Friendly Pig!

Charles is a 4.5 year old boar pig. He arrived at our Sanctuary after serving time as a family pet with plans of using him for breeding that thankfully fell through!

Charles is so very friendly, he loves to have his ears scratched and roll in the mud! He also likes to shake off the mud that later clings to his back all over innocent bystanders!

You can help by saving your table scraps for Charles such as vegetables, fruits, noodles and other items that are meat free to help feed him!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A special Boxer Puppy

Those of us who know Luke, absolutely adore him. He loves to cuddle and play even though he has some severe health issues that may cut his life shorter than it should be.

Luke was 6 weeks old when he came to our Sanctuary from a shelter in Kansas, transported by two very special women from Denver. Luke has a hair lip and has a hard time eating along with some possible heart problems.

The Stowasser family of Fort Collins have very generously adopted Luke and are taking care of his special needs, not to mention giving him a much deserved spot every night on their bed with them!

We will keep you updated on Luke's progress!

Generous Drivers Take Time Out for Sanctuary Animals

Roxie and James generously took time out of their busy driving schedule to haul in our semi load of hay from Montana on Tuesday, October 9.

Thanks to generous donations totaling $2,500.00, 20.5 tons of hay was delivered to our Sanctuary in great condition. This will help us to save approximately $6,000.00 over the next 3 months.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic Benefits Animals and Youth

Colton Zubrod, 13, helps out with the mobile Spay and Neuter clinic this past weekend. Thanks to the Max Fund Outreach Project and Dr. Beth Watts and Vet Tech Liz Grenard, 30 animals were spayed and neutered.

Whitney, a pre-vet major at Colorado State University assists Colton Zubrod in moving Tanner, a 3 month old beagle mix puppy into the recovery room with Liz Grenard supervising!

In the recovery room, Abby and her daughter supervise newly altered dogs.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Puppies Need Homes!

These adorable pups are approximately 3 months old. There are a total of 5 males, two red and white and three solid brown. They have wonderful, playful personalities. We think that they are spaniel-type mixes.

Call the Sanctuary if you are interested in adoption! (970) 897-3122

Midnight, Farrier Educational

Midnight is a 20 year old quarter horse mare. Her lifetime has been filled with teaching small children how to ride, helping other older children to gain confidence in their riding abilities and in her most recent years, working poles, and at a more intense level of exercise. Thinking her foundered to the point of being unable to jump, run barrels and work at a more intense level, Midnight’s owners decided to find her a permanent home elsewhere that she would be safe and in good hands.

Sanctuary workers picked midnight up on Tuesday, the 21st of August from her previous home. Darrin Hill, farrier immediately set to work on Midnight’s hooves. We were all very anxious to see if what Midnight had was actually founder or yet another mis-diagnosis due to poor farrier work. Well all Darrin had to do was pick up the hoof and examine. Bingo! Yet another horse had fallen culprit to lameness due to a botched farrier job.

Sole has not been knifed down, causing the horse pain . When the sole of the horses hoof is not knifed down below the hoof wall each trimming/shoeing, the pressure from each step is on the sole, a tender area for the horse, causing lameness issues.

From this view, you can see the sole of the hoof is extended below the hoof wall, improper trimming and shoeing practices.

Proper Trimming Techniques

Step 1: Cleaning Hoof
Knife out the Sole as pictured
Trim the Frog

By knifing the sole and trimming the frog, pressure is kept on the hard laminate of the hoof wall, protecting the softer tissue areas of the hoof such as the sole. If a horse’s hooves are too long, there is no pressure on the frog, the blood is not circulated from the hooves back to the horse’s heart, causing lack of proper circulation.

Step 2: Nipping off excess growth of hoof wall.

This aids in proper hoof alignment, a properly trimmed hoof, will allow for cleaner movement rather than issues with toe-in, toe-out, over reaching, and more.

During this step, most farriers will achieve proper hoof angle and balance.

Final Step: Filing or rasping the hoof.

Filing the hoof helps to level the surface and keeps it from chipping.

We have come in behind some farriers who have literally filed the horse’s hoof at a crooked angle, causing the horse to stand leaning either to the right or left depending on whether that farrier only filed to the right or the left in one direction. You will notice in the photos below, Darrin files both with the left and right hand, making for a level surface.

Comparing the properly trimmed hoof to improperly trimmed/shod.

CSU's Parmalee Hall Freshmen Visit!

Parmalee Hall Freshmen!

Little Man with Parmalee Hall Freshmen

Brittany Eskridge, Group Leader

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Kiowa's Ongoing Battle

Kiowa is a very special gelding, he is one of 33 Miracle Horses saved from slaughter at the Dekalb, Ill. plant in April.

Kiowa had a very swollen sheath upon arrival to the Wyoming Stockyard. This was tested for cancer and has come back inconclusive. Yesterday's visit to Dr. Farrand was for a biopsy. Kiowa is 11 years old, very well trained and an incredibly majestic horse. We are all hoping and praying that this is curable.

In the photo you will see his sheath, pay attention to the enlarged veins on his belly, these are carrying the blood supply to this sheath. There is a very large blood pocket and beyond that a very calcified mass. The results should be in soon. Help us to hope for the best and brace for what could be a very involved surgery. We would like to thank the Humane Society of the United States for funding this portion of Kiowa's veterinary work.

If you would like to contribute to Kiowa, please don't wait, do it now, your donation will help to save his life. Visit our website at to donate.

Your Commitment in a New Horse: Educational

This is one in a long series of educational articles and press releases that we here at Denkai Animal Sanctuary plan to be sending out. It is our hope that in reading these short articles, people will begin to plan long term for their animal companions resulting in lasting relationships and a higher standard of care.

Future articles that we have in mind for this include caring for llamas, planning for pets in your will and pet insurance, caring for other animals such as pot bellied pigs, turkeys, sheep, goats, the human animal bond and many more! We hope that you enjoy this and encourage you to write to us with questions or comments. Our website can be found at the end of this article.


Plan before you jump! Horses are a 30 year commitment!

So many times we get calls here at the Sanctuary for people seeking placement for their horses. The reasons are always the same, “My horse went lame and since we can’t ride him/her, we need to get rid of them” or I just can’t afford it. A lot of the time we come across “green owners” or those who have always wanted a horse, but never had one and somehow end up with a yearling filly or colt that is “out of control!”

There is a remedy for all of this! Educate yourself! There are so many wonderful trainers in this northern Colorado area along with veterinarians and rescue groups that can help horse owners to make educated decisions about the commitment they will embark on when acquiring a horse. If you are new to horses, don’t jump in feet first and take on a yearling that has never had any training and is fresh off of the pasture. This always turns into a bad situation for both parties, you and the horse. Instead, you might look for a horse that is well trained so that the first experience for horse and rider is a good, safe one. Don’t just hop on right away either, gain a relationship with this horse, get to know them, make sure it is a good match before embarking on what could be a 15 or more year commitment. If you have to, hire a trainer to help you get started.

Some of the things to think about when acquiring a new horse include the cost of feeding this horse per year and board if you do not have the room to house a large animal on your property. Check in with the planning and zoning committees along with your HOA if you have one, in your county and find out what the regulations are on horses.

Veterinary costs per year can run up to a minimum of $1,000.00 and plan for more due to unexpected injuries. Do you have the proper and safe fencing needed for your animal companion? Wood is great, but horses tend to chew through that faster than you can put it up. Vinyl is wonderful, but very costly. Smooth wire works well and is economically much friendlier.

General care for your horse comes in the form of quarterly worming, rotating the wormer per quarter to insure the best results. Vaccinations need to be administered at least once yearly in the spring and farrier work (hoof trimming or shoeing) should be performed every 6-8 weeks depending on the type of riding you are doing. What you feed your horses is so very important to their long-term health, plan accordingly, will they be on pasture or will they be in a stalled area or dry lot with the need to be fed hay twice per day? Your food bill is going to vary depending on these situations. White salt blocks and mineral blocks, such as a 12:12 mineral, are crucial no matter whether your horse is pastured or fed hay here in Colorado. Lastly, do not forget to check the condition of your horse’s teeth on a yearly basis. Dental work is a very important factor in not only being able to chew food properly, but also in the comfort of the bit in your horse’s mouth when being worked with if a bit is used.

Plan to have at least two horses together. These are herd bound animals, they do not function well alone and we have seen many a behavioral issue in horses that are separated from their herd. Be aware of your moods, if you are afraid of your horse or feeling timid about things, they are going to pick up on this. We once had a horse come into our Sanctuary that was famous for looking at her owner, pinning her ears and running this person down, then biting them. This horse had absolutely no respect for their owner and could sense the fear that this person had toward them. This creates a dangerous and unpleasant situation all the way around. Within one day of entering our Sanctuary, this horse had learned respect for us with kind but firm training methods. This mare is an excellent example of what can happen with a green owner and a green horse.

There are many horses at Denkai Animal Sanctuary in need of foster homes and sponsors. Consider helping out at the Sanctuary or fostering one of these horses as a way to help you gain a better understanding of the commitment taking on a large animal entails.

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is a not for profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and sanctuary of all domestic animals. Volunteers are always needed and appreciated along with donations of in-kind materials and cash., (970) 897-3122.

Tiny Kitties!

Two three week old kittens find a foster home with June in Greeley!

These two precious little kittens are still being bottle fed after mom went missing. June of Greeley has been wonderful giving these two little ones a warm, caring home to come to. They will be up for adoption soon and looking forward to meeting their new homes!