Friday, March 20, 2009

Hi Floss! It's been two years since I adopted my little Maggie (she was DeeDee at DenKai). A lot has happened. She and I were doing just fine and she was my little lover girl. Always sweet and cuddly...very much the baby and happy she didn't have to share my affection.

Well a little over a year ago I ended up having to take my niece's infant in as a Foster child when he was taken away from a Meth house. I had never been a mother and didn't know what to do. I worried Maggie would not adjust to it either. However, because she had been a mommy in her previous home, she knew exactly what to do. Instead of being jealous of the attention I gave Austin, she became his best buddy and adopted him. Those first nights he was here and he would cry, she would run to him and snuggle him and kiss him and just lay beside him. They have a tight bond as you can see in the attached picture.

So, I just wanted to tell you once again how thankful I am for the sweet girl you rescued for me. She is happy in her forever home and loves her family. I wish you and DenKai nothing but blessings in the wonderful work you do.

All my best,
Donna Webb

Maggie was rescued from a Wyoming Animal Shelter and came to Denkai with a treatable eye infection for which she would have otherwise been euthanized.

New Sanctuary Arrivals

Prince, 12 ducks and 1 goose:
Jerre Fisher, an amazing rescuer, mother and wife most recently passed away after losing her battle with cancer. Jerre had an enormous heart and many rescued animals, most all of which her family was able to place. A few of the very special have come to reside at our Sanctuary. Their story follows;
Never have I had such a group of animals come in with so much spirit in them.

Jerre’s animals most definitely carry her within them. This was obvious the minute I saw them. Twelve ducks and one goose, all reside together at our Sanctuary now and as I observed these animals after placing them in their yard, I began to realize just how special they really are; They all carry scars like Jerre did of injuries past that they mostly healed from.

The goose had a broken wing and leg that are now long healed, this goose has a very kind eye, there are a couple of the ducks that have had broken legs and still get around just fine with the flock thanks to Jerre saving them.

Prince is Jerre’s 34 year old appaloosa gelding who came to Denkai with a very special diet. Prince has no teeth so is on senior feed, beet pulp and several other supplements to keep his health up. Never have I ever experienced a horse this angry and hurt. For the first two days here, Prince refused to eat, after all he had been removed from the only place he had called home for about 10 years, what was this strange place and where was his mom; The woman that used to feed him every day by hand and pet him while he ate?

About day three Prince had had it with me, he was ticked off and letting me know about it. I walked into his pen to feed him his grain and he came at me with ears pinned and eyes bloodshot. I figured, ok, he either eats or he bites me. Well he went to the bucket of food as I was holding it and ate. I cried hard and began to pet him, his ears went forward as through my tears I told him that I was so incredibly sorry he had lost his mother and that she missed him so badly and wanted him to be ok. The anger in his eyes began to disappear and just like that we had made headway. I stood there that day petting him, crying and talking to him for an hour while he ate. Since then, Prince has been a little bit better about eating on his own, but always welcomes the company of Sweet Pea. Volunteers are needed for Prince to give him the one on one attention he deserves and has grown used to. Please contact us if you can help or would be willing to contribute towards the cost of his care: or (970) 895-2337.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jerre Fisher Memorial Fund

Jerre Fisher:

Greeley, CO - Jerre Fisher is one of the most amazing individuals that I have come across since founding Denkai Animal Sanctuary. Aside of caring for her own wonderful bunch of animals, Jerre reached above and beyond the call of duty for Denkai's Sanctuary animals and most recently the arabian horses in need.

On February 20, 2009 Jerre lost a very long battle with Cancer and still in those moments prior to her passing strongly advocated that her animal companions be taken care of.

In Memory of Jerre Fisher; Denkai has Established the Jerre Fisher Memorial Fund to carry on her heartfelt work on behalf of animals in need.

Contributions toward this fund will help to establish a much needed veterinary facility at Denkai Animal Sanctuary and will help to provide emergency care to homeless animals who would otherwise perish.

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Aug. 4, 1936–Feb. 20, 2009

Age: 72

Residence: Greeley

Jerre Lee Fisher, loving grandmother, mother and wife, passed away Feb. 20, 2009, at Hospice and Palliative Care of Northern Colorado after a long and brave battle with breast cancer.

She was born Aug. 4, 1936, in Long Beach, Calif., to Arthur and Florence (Chamberlain) Frederiksen. She grew up in Greeley and graduated from Greeley High in 1954, excelling in band as majorette, Pep Club, athletics and a member of National Honor Society. In 1965, she married Charles Largent. They later divorced but remained good friends. She married Errol Fisher in 1998. Jerre retired from the State of Colorado 19th Judicial District in 1998 after 29 years.

She loved taking care of her many animals, especially her inseparable chemo companion yorkie, Amazing Grace. She lived and loved life to the fullest and enjoyed Dixieland and Queen City Jazz, cruising to Alaska and the Caribbean and Harley trips to California Highway 1 with her husband, Errol and her brother, Doug. Jerre was past director of the Weld County Humane Society and was instrumental in the early development of the organization as a safe and humane shelter for homeless animals. She was a member of the Greeley/Evans Moose Lodge No. 909, a longtime member of the Greeley Harley Owners Group No. 1462 and editor of the H.O.G. Herald newsletter. She was an avid supporter of many needy groups, including Denkai Animal Sanctuary, American Humane Association, Triangle Cross Ranch and Relay for Life. In her spare time, she crocheted dozens of baby blankets and hats and donated them to the Monfort Birthing Center at N.C.M.C. Jerre enjoyed sharing her many artistic and creative talents, including sewing, drawing, calligraphy and flower gardening.

Jerre is survived by her husband, Errol; two daughters, Lynn Largent and Lauris (Brad) Laue, all of Greeley; a stepdaughter, Kelly (Scott) Wheeler of Dallas, Texas; five stepsons, Mike of Dallas, Tom, Steve and Rick of Greeley and Mark of Denver. She loved and will be dearly missed by her 15 grandchildren, Mark, Mitch, Lauren, Sarah, Jeff, Tyler, Ronnie, Demi, Nick, Jake, Derek, Josh, Atienne, Tony and Nate.

She was preceded in death by her son, Scott Largent; her brother, Doug; and her parents.