Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cortez Babies Get a Little Socialization!

The yearling horses rescued from Cortez, CO last fall are coming along well. Elijah has been working on gentling them first through socialization. These little ones will now follow and come up for a visit. Taming wild young ones isn't so bad, especially where treats are involved.

Wheat Field Raises Bumper Crop 2009

Floss Blackburn, Denkai's founder pictured June 2009 in Wheat Fields, stand is around 5' in height.

On a portion of our 640 acres, we have been growing wheat which is then sold as a commodity and helps to bring in funding towards our operating expenses. This year, the crop has come in amazingly thick and with extraordinary heads. We will be getting ready to harvest this crop in the next two weeks.

This is made possible through help from Ray Reichley.

Arabian Horses Finding Homes

Augusta Moun and Bint Joi are enjoying their stay at Lori and Bill Delfs in Loveland, CO. A big hug and thank you go out to Dr. Susan Williams for her dedication to our equines and veterinary care.

Lady Josephine, Jasmine, and El Lucero have found a loving new home with the Atkinson Family in Fleming, CO. They send weekly updates and are enjoying their time with these wonderful horses!

Maggie Atkinson shows Jamsine off to her grandchildren who waited anxiously in the car!

Karen Legros and her son, Elijah of La Porte have adopted Bint Bint Shafar

Six of our Niwot Arabian Horses have found homes in the last couple of months. The situation with these horses has been a very long, drawn out and political ordeal. There are no words to describe the joy we feel knowing that these horses are finding good, loving homes where they will have all the care, food and attention they will ever need. Never again will they go without.

There are so many to thank for assisting us in saving these wonderful horses: PetSmart Charities
Boulder Community Foundation
Darrin Hill
Brad Laue
Our many dedicated contributors
Arabian Horse Association
Ray Reichley

HSUS Provides Emergency Funding for Grover Cats

Due to a recent Panleukopenia (feline distemper) outbreak in the cats of Grover, CO. Denkai was able to secure funding for much needed vaccinations through the HSUS Annie Lee Roberts Emergency Grant. This clinic was successful and held on July 18 in town. We had posted flyers advertising this clinic, which is the best way to communicate with the community in Grover.

Not only did our veterinarian Dr. Michael Suit offer his services to this clinic at a very reduced rate, he offered health exams and vaccinations for owned cats and dogs at a rate of $30.00. The kicker? Nobody showed up. People in Grover can not even afford a minimal $30.00 health exam for their pets. At least this is what we were told. So, we offered it for free and managed to get animals taken care of. We knocked on doors and ran animals back and forth from the clinic. Some of these pets had not seen a vet in around 5 years.

We have a little more time to work through this grant and will put the rest of the funding toward spay/neuter services for the feral cats in need. Thank you HSUS for helping us to provide a very needed service to an incredibly under served area.

Rescued Rabbits Desperately Need Homes!

Rescued Rabbits from Cheyenne, WY are still in need of forever and foster homes. There are still more than 70 rabbits needing to be placed. These bunnies are very well socialized and have been handled on a regular basis.

This rescue lasted until Midnight, pulling, logging, sexing and sorting rabbits.
Little Bit of Love Rescue of Wyoming has been caring for these bunnies along with help, running them to their medical appointments and keeping the ball rolling on this rescue.

Thank you to those who have contributed and helped with this effort:
Bloedorn Lumber
Home Depot
Capital Lumber
K9 Bed and Biscuit
House Rabbit Society Members
Denkai's Volunteers
Wyoming Tribune-Eagle
Channel 5 Grand Junction

Contributions are still immediately needed in the form of:
Funding toward Spay/Neuter
Grass Hay
Rabbit Cages

Shelter or building for those that are not placed in homes or have a longer stay at Little Bit of Love

To Contribute: www.denkaisanctuary.org and click any donation button or mail contributions to; 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729

Contributions are tax-deductible within the means of the IRS 501(c)3 code

Monday, July 13, 2009

Over 100 Pet Rabbits Need Help Immediately!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Cheyenne, WY - Today we were called in to a situation in which more than 100 pet rabbits and counting are in desperate need. These rabbits have been bred and used for their fur. The owner brushes them on a regular basis to gather their excess and shedding fur in order to weave with it.

What started with a few rabbits and a hobby is now seriously out of control. Once again, animals are suffering at the hands of human callousness. This individual is losing her home due to foreclosure. These rabbits are currently being housed in her garage and will have two options: 1. To be rescued in a joint effort by Denkai and other rescue groups in which they will be spayed and neutered and placed in homes or 2. To be euthanized by the local shelter. Since these rabbits are being housed in the county, we have the opportunity to help save them. They are all handled daily by a 7 year old girl and would be wonderful pets for and educated family.

We expect all females of reproducing age to be pregnant as the males and females have not been separated and expect that what is now 100 rabbits will easily turn to several hundred or many more in a very short time if we do not act right away.

A Wyoming Sanctuary will be temporarily housing these rabbits while we work to seek out other rescues, sanctuaries and individuals able to assist in taking in or fostering these bunnies. A joint effort in getting these bunnies to safety will begin this week.

Funding in the amount of $7,500 for spay and neuter costs. This number will most likely mount daily.

Tuff sheds or another steel building would be really ideal. If you know of anybody who would be willing to purchase this item or contribute toward it, it is a desperate need.

In-kind Contributions Needed include:

Supplies needed:
Rabbit Cages
Tuff Sheds
Timothy Hay
Funding for spay and neuter at a cost of $75.00 per bunny
Foster Homes
Rescues and Sanctuaries willing to take these babies in.
broccoli, cabbage, celery, and most dark colored greens
Papaya tablets
For baby bunnies up to adult hood we need: alfalfa hay and or pellets

To contribute: Visit www.denkaisanctuary.org and click any donate now button.
Mail Contributions to: 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Survivor, the Miracle Horse

This video is of Survivor, we believe his age to be close to 30. Survivor was one of 33 horses rescued together with the Humane Society of the United States in April of 2007 when the Dekalb, Ill. Slaughter plant was closed.

We believe that Survivor is a Tennessee Walker. He is very well trained and extremely fun to ride. Survivor desperately needs a sponsor or even a foster home. He is easy to catch, good for the farrier, extremely friendly, loves to be brushed and would be great for a beginner rider who wanted to go on that occasional stress relieving ride.
Height: 15.3 hh

Visit: http://www.denkaisanctuary.org/denkai_animals/sponsor_denkai_animals.htm for sponsorship information.

Contact us: info@denkaisanctuary.org or (970) 895-2337

Bubba The Haflinger

Bubba is an 8 year old Haflinger of whom our Founder felt a strong pull to rescue. He was off loaded at the local Fort Collins sale barn and we were told by the owner that he was given to him, trained to drive and ride, and he no longer wanted this horse, so he brought Bubba to the sale barn thinking he would bring a good meat price because he is so fat.


So needless to say, a full day of harassment by sale barn staff did not bring our founder to her knees, she stayed, bid on Bubba and brought him home.

Elijah, our 17 year old trainer from Fort Collins is in the below video riding Bubba, you will see his one quirk which has gotten much better as we ride him more. After this workout, the sanctuary's workers and founder went for a 3 mile ride with Bubba and others. He did great, we truly think he will make a great beginner/kids horse.

Contact us for info at: info@denkaisanctuary.org or (970) 895-2337

Website: www.denkaisanctuary.org

Little Billy Goat Gruff

We were contacted by the Larimer Humane Society Wild Kind Department regarding a young goat that had come to their facility and had little handling. This goat, being a bit shy of people and very un-trusting, would fling itself into fences trying to get away. They were out of options. We arrived this past week to pick up Little Billy and found a very scared baby boer goat. These goats are bred for their meat. After a certain weight they will be sent to slaughter. A lot of the 4-H kids show them at fair as well.

After closely examining Billy, we found that this little baby is a hermaphrodite. Meaning that male and female sex organs are both present. So Little Billy will never work for a breeding program because he/she is more than likely sterile.

Little Billy will more than likely live a long life here at the Sanctuary unless that special adopter comes along.

Sponsor Billy today! Help us to continue care for this special little goat that would have missed a chance at life otherwise! www.denkaisanctuary.org