Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goats of Denkai!

Denkai houses more than 10 wonderful and ornery goats. These precious babies have come to us from a variety of backgrounds, some from other rescue organizations, some from breeding and neglect situations that have gotten out of hand, and others impounded through local humane societies.

Boer goats such as the white and brown big boy in the photo below are harvested for their meat as a practice in the farming industry. Our big guy luckily escaped that fate thanks to your generous support!

DJ the Pot belly is Lovin It!

Ever seen a pot bellied pig smile! That's right! DJ is all grins and talk for his daily meal.

These eye capturing and amazing photographs taken by Judy Swenson tell a wonderful tale for this little fella!

Pot Bellied pigs, once a craze for their small size, ability to house train and cleanliness have phased out quite a bit and are ending up in rescue and sanctuary more and more. These smart babies require a very specific diet, routine tusk and toe trimming as well as vaccinations on a very basic maintenance level.

DJ came to Denkai due to a divorce.

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Charlotte's Adventures!

The Great and Grand Adventures of Charlotte the Pig!

Charlotte, once a tiny piglet rescued by Larimer Humane Society and since residing with Denkai Animal Sanctuary has grown over the last two years from a 150 pound playful piglet into the beautiful and sweet 800 pound hog whom has become one of Judy's favorite farm subjects!

Not only does Charlotte help to clean her pen, she makes sure to get a visit in to her senior horse and pot bellied pig friends for all of the Denkai "dirt".

Charlotte is the lucky recipient on a daily basis of warm food, lots of straw bedding and the oh so wonderful daily belly scratchings of Miss Judy!

Charlotte loves visitors and will not hesitate to win them over with her funny antics!

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