Saturday, November 15, 2008

Save a life, Sponsor a Mustang

Caution, the following video is Graphic. This shows the failed BLM roundup and adoption processes. It flows from the actual round up with helicopters to Tripping rodeos (mustangs are roped by the leg and brought down) to bucking strings and then to the slaughter plant. Thank you to Cindy and the SacredIntent Channel for putting this together.

Here at Denkai Animal Sanctuary, we currently house 5 mustang horses on a permanent basis. Please read below for their photos and stories and find it in your heart to help us in keeping them safe!

To Sponsor Any of these mustangs, please visit our website at:

These mustangs are not listed on our website sponsor page yet, but you can sponsor them by clicking on any donation button, just specify which mustang you would like to support. For a mere $150.00 per month, you are helping us to house and care for these special one of a kind horses that would have otherwise perished in a slaughter house.

Dakota is a 7 year old Mustang Gelding. He was dropped at a local kill sale before being rescued. He has a bad stifle on his hind leg, but is not terribly lame. Dakota is handleable and would love a visit from a special sponsor

Hope (R) and Faith (L) are two 11 year old mustang mares originally from a New Mexico Herd. They were adopted out by the BLM and used for breeding until the adopter decided that she no longer wanted to care for them and was going to shoot these two mares with two 5 day old babies at their sides. Another failed adoption by the BLM.

Liberty is now 12 years old. He was rounded up at the age of 7 by the BLM from a Nevada mustang herd. Liberty was then adopted by a Fort Collins area dude ranch that planned to use him as a trail horse with no previous training. When this backfired the owner ran Liberty through a local kill sale. Liberty has been safe with our Sanctuary for the last 5 years.

Cutter is a 5 year old mustang gelding. He has had no handling other than round up, branding and castration by the BLM. We do not have his complete history and he has a ton of potential for training still. Cutter has a long way to go in trusting people.

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snow, Winter Needs!

This is a video of our first snow last night. This is a very minor glimpse into what we are in for this winter here at the Sanctuary. We still need your help to stockpile feed for the animals and in getting functional equipment. The areas that you see drifting in this video will be 5 times that size when winter really does hit and we need your help to be prepared.

Items needed include:

60 more tons of hay. We have access to this, we need help gaining the funding in the amount of $7,000 to accomplish this. We are able to get this hay hauled into us from South Dakota for $120 per ton including delivery. To buy locally, the cost would be $180 to $200 or more per ton, that doesn't include delivery. We save a lot of money this way and your contribution stretches farther. Hay is our largest and most urgent need.

To contribute: donate online at:, click any donation button or mail donations to: Denkai Animal Sanctuary 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729

We need a skid steer with tracks, these work really well in getting over deep snow drifts, digging out of them and keeping the animals fed in the worst of conditions. If you can help out with this need, please contact us: (970) 217-1457 or

We are working to stockpile feed for pigs, chickens and grain for horses. To contribute towards any of these items, please contact Cache la Poudre Feeds at: (970) 482-5092 or J&T Feeds in Greeley at (970) 378-0240. Any amount contributed will help. We can pick up donated items.

Thank you for caring, these animals would have been much less fortunate without your help!

Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Pit bulls Scheduled for Execution Need Help!

Urgent! Two very sweet black and white male pitbulls are awaiting their
execution in Gunnison, CO. These two, one year old pit bulls are set to be
executed for killing a rabbit. The county they are located in is not
pitbull friendly and would rather kill these two dogs than give them
another chance.

They did not attack a person, they have never threatened a child or any
other animals and they are absolute lovers.

You can help. In order to save them,they need to be transfered out of the
county that they are in. These two boys will need to be neutered.

1. Does anybody have room to take one or both of them in?

2. Can anybody help to sponsor them in order to cover transport costs,
neutering, vaccinations (we assume they are not up to date, but will know
more), and possible boarding costs if we can not find a home or rescue
facility that has openings? Cost would be around $400 per dog. Any amount
will help with them though.

These dogs only have two more days until they are executed. Please contact
Sara Hoffman for more information at: (970) 596-6594.

If Sara can not be reached, feel free to contact our Sanctuary at: or (970) 217-1457.

For more information on the Pit Bull Breed, please visit our website at:

Thank you for Caring!