Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ways to Give - We need Your Support!

Taken from Kathy Zaffore: A dozen things to reduce taxes

You can use your credit card as long as the date processed is in 2008 (even if you don’t pay until January or even later). Or mail checks early because the charity may process your contribution on the date received rather than the date of post mark. For a gift over $250 at one time – you MUST get a receipt!!!! Your cancelled check is not good enough.

To give on line, simply go to your favorite charity’s web site –almost all allow you to make a contribution on line with a credit card. Otherwise, try www.guidestar.com .

For your friend who has everything, make a contribution in his/her name to his/her favorite charity. It is deductible to YOU.

To assure that your contribution is deductible – DOCUMENT it.
Take photos, make a list of items along with their original purchase price and their current thrift store value. BE REALISTIC. You can use www.itsdeductible.com as a guide, but remember that the IRS does NOT sanction that web site’s valuations. You are now required to have receipts to prove the purchase price. Just be aware of that. Get a signed and dated
receipt if your gift exceeds $250 per trip. Be sure to give us your lists to use in preparation of your tax return.

Pick up an “angel” ornament in almost any store or mall and buy a gift for someone who really needs a smile. Keep the receipt – it is deductible.

If you give a car to charity before the end of the year, you could get a big deduction. Here are the rules, briefly. If the charity sells the car at auction, your deduction is the amount the car sold for and the charity will supply you (and the IRS)
with a 1099. If the charity will use the car in its mission or gift the car to a needy person, you will get a fair market value deduction and the charity will give you a letter indicating that it will indeed make use of the car itself. Big difference. Shop
around to find a charity that can use your car. If it isn’t running, how about a school for mechanics?? ☺

If you drive your car to do volunteer work…your mileage is deductible. Pull together your log showing date, reason, and miles. Don’t overlook this deduction! If you drive thousands of miles, have the organization give you a letter thanking you for
driving A LOT (have them use your specific amount from your well maintained log). For 2008, the deduction is 14 cents per mile – which doesn’t sound like much, but if you drive 1,000 miles (a mere 20 miles a week) driving seniors to doctor appointments (for example), you will have a $140 deduction.

For a nondeductible, but ongoing gift, to your favorite charity, look at www.goodsearch.com. Goodsearch will give money to your charity EVERY TIME you do an on line search through Goodsearch. It works! Try it!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa Photos This Sunday the 21st!

Don't Miss Santa and his elves this Sunday, December 21st at PetSmart in Fort Collins from 11 am to 4 pm. PetSmart is located at the corner of Harmony and College in Fort Collins.

This is the best Santa EVER! Individuals are also encouraged to make a contribution on behalf of the animals at Denkai Animal Sanctuary. Become a sponsor, make a difference today, don't delay, the animals deserve a Happy Holiday season this year!

Daisy's Surgery A Success!

After only two weeks of waiting and fund raising, Daisy, the three year old rottweiler who survived the California Wildfires last fall has successfully undergone her TPLO surgery and is recovering nicely in her foster home.

A huge thank you goes out to Dr. Kerrihard, Kristin Des Marais, Colorado's Helping Hands Foundation, and our many caring and supportive individual contributors. Together with your help, $1,500.00 was raised!

Daisy was at her wit's end trying to walk on her ailing leg. You cared and came to her rescue. Thank you!

We will continue to keep you updated as to Daisy's progress. Thank you for giving her a very Happy Holiday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meet the Birds of Denkai!

Denkai Houses Many Turkeys, Chickens and Ducks. View the below videos for a sneak peak. Please excuse the background noise, we were unloading hay and this video camera picks up everything!

Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season!

This year, Denkai Animal Sanctuary has given assistance to hundreds of domestic, farm animals and mustang horses throughout Colorado and the United States. We operate through contributions from kind and caring individuals such as yourself.

Make a contribution in the name of your family or friends this holiday season by sponsoring one of our many special animals who would otherwise have been homeless without your support. For a mere $25.00 per month, you can help to save a life!

Contributions are tax deductible within the means of the IRS 501(c)3 code. Visit www.denkaisanctuary.org and click on any donation icon to contribute towards the animal of your choice.

Read below about some of our special animals and their special needs!

Meet The Fonz!
This 300lb goat roamed the streets of Fort Collins for about two weeks creating a flood of calls to the Larimer Humane Society. They were unable to apprehend this large escapee, so it was Denkai to the rescue! Fonzie has a very happy go lucky personality and has quickly become a favorite here at the Sanctuary!

Meet Babs!
Babs is one of our senior residents here at the Sanctuary. She was taken in when another farmed animal Sanctuary closed its doors. Babs resides here along with two other ewes all are near 14 years of age!

Say Hello to My Little Friend! Chico is a polish rooster. He was one of many purchased at a feed store and since he did not turn out a hen, he was unwanted. Chico is very sweet, loves to roost on his little house and would love to meet his sponsor this holiday season!


Charlotte is brand new to our Sanctuary. She was picked up as a stray in the streets of Loveland by Larimer Humane Society. They quickly discovered her escapee potential after chasing her a few times and when nobody claimed her, she was passed on to our Sanctuary. This little lady is around a year old and has a lot of growing to do! This is one pig that will never see a holiday dinner from the plate! She will live her life out here at our Sanctuary! We would like to thank Cache La Poudre Feeds in Fort Collins for supplying her with plenty of feed for the next few weeks!

Sweet Pea!

Sweet Pea is a favorite to anybody who has visited Denkai Animal Sanctuary.
She was the victim of severe neglect which left her crippled, but still able to walk. We have maintained her for the last few years and are finding that she now needs a cart to help ease the strain on her front legs, shoulders and her back. We are working round the clock to raise a very needed $1,000.00 for her cart: www.doggon.com A contribution on her behalf would change her life!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Max the Potbellied Pig finds a home!

I had the pleasure of driving Max the potbellied pig who came to our Sanctuary from Denver Dumb Friends League to his new home in Grand Junction, CO with Lynn and her furry family of birds, dogs and horses. Lynn does and incredible job maintaining and caring for her animals and Max fit right in.

Upon arrival, Lynn had a nice comfy futon bed with blankets ready for Max who has his very own room. He contentedly allowed Lynn to give him a much needed belly rub, gently closed his eyes and even smiled! He wasted no time in settling in, curling up, pulling his new blankie over him and taking a nap.

He met new doggie friends, two older Dobermans, very kind and gentle along with two bird friends, both macaws. He walked on his leash like a pro when Lynn took him out for bathroom duty too.

We would like to thank Lisa for finding Lynn and introducing us to her and Lynn for taking Max in after losing her potbellied pig of 16 years.