Monday, January 29, 2007


Faith is a survivor! This wonderful 3 year old Female Pit Bull who was shot in the stomach and brought into the shelter.

The bullet had entered her stomach and exited her butt by her tail. She was picked up by animal control officers laying in her own blood on her soft bed outside. Her owner just couldn't take the guilt of watching her struggle anymore....

She underwent surgery at the shelter and lost her entire tail. After this stringent surgery, the shelter decided that they were going to have to euthaize Faith, they had not spayed her because of this.

Faith is very loving, she is doing well so far with other dogs and has a lot of training under her already, she sits, stays, and can stand on her hind legs!

Our Sanctuary was more than happy to take on this sweet pup! She is now residing at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center with Trainer, Bridget Spangler. You can visit her and adopt her by calling Bridget at (970) 689-8309.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Maya Update!

Maya is settling in very well! She loves her new buddy Jasmine and Bree, our on-site Manager has taken this pup under her wing!

Maya is coming when called, though still a bit tentative. She is doing great with the other dogs, cats and livestock here at the Sanctuary as well. Maya still has a bit of weight to gain, but emotionally is adjusting by leaps and bounds.

Your donations help our Sanctuary to take in and rehabilitate animals such as Maya who have been very abused and are extremely fearful of people and their surroundings. This is something that Humane Societies are unable to do due to a large load of incoming animals and lack of time to socialize them all.

Help us to continue these good deeds by donating through our website at and click on the Network For Good icon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Katie and Flicka, A match made in Heaven

Katie has lived her entire life longing for a horse to call her own. At only 17, she has an entire room devoted to her animal friends; her Hampster, who if I might say is absolutely spoiled rotten, her rabbit, recently acquired, also spoiled rotten and both are very happy! Her room is filled with horses, posters, portraits, figurines, you name it! Katie first began helping the Sanctuary out about a year ago. She has acomplished so much; learning proper care and feeding of horses, how to work with them safely, leading, haltering, learning their cues. Katie helped to rescue many dogs on our Louisiana trip and never complained a bit.

Flicka was a show horse, an incredible, beautiful showhorse. She had everything going for her, a great person who loved her a lavish lifestyle and was queen of the ring. We don't know her entire story, but somewhere along the lines, Flicka aged, she began to have a hard time keeping her weight on and was thrown out to pasture. Having chipped her front teeth, she could no longer grab the lush grass and became very thin and hungry. She ended up at the Sale Barn and was purchased by Monty, one of the kill Buyers. She would have been at the slaughter plant by now had Marty Metzger not stepped in. Flicka entered our Sanctuary just as winter was well on its way severely underweight and with no energy.

It was love at first sight for Katie and Flicka. Flicka couldn't get enough of Katie's brushing and petting. She immediately picks up her feet for her hoof cleaning for Katie and will allow Katie to learn the ways of the horse safely!

Happy Holidays Katie! With the support of her family, Katie's first horse will now be Flicka. Flicka continues to recover at the Sanctuary and Katie along with her parents visit on a regular basis. She now has a new halter, leadrope, brush, hoof pick and still plenty of senior feed.

Pops Needs a Place to call home!

Pops is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier that we transferred from another shelter. He was just sitting there in that cold, hard cell with pleading eyes: Please, take me home with you, I am soooooo cute, you just don't know it yet!

Well Pops arrived at the Sanctuary complete with one and a half ears, the other half had gone missing, we assume in a dog fight years ago. We do not know what led to him arriving at that shelter, but he definitely deserves a place to call home.

Pops loves his bed. He will drag that bed anywhere within the vicinity of a human body, so long as he has you in his sights and if there is a sunny spot, that is even better. Pops likes to spend his days lounging on your lap, eating treats and living the pampered life he deserves! Please consider opening up your heart and home to him!

Hee Haw!

Helen and Furdie meeting across the fence. Furdie belongs to Shiloh Acres Horse Rescue and is just visiting, but our volunteers just love him! Thank you Helen and Richard for your generous donations and help!

Kenai and Whimsey are the cutest! We had a very special visit from Helen Iams and her husband Richard Barrans, Jr. today. I turned around to find These two goof balls peeking through the fence at me. Hey lady! Where's my food!


Maya is a 3-4 year old Malamute Mix Female Dog, here is her story…

We had a phone call yesterday from a lady near Windsor, CO. She had a stray dog running through her neighborhood, very thin and very scared; she could not get the dog to come near her. This kind lady had been setting out food and water for Maya for the past four days and became extremely concerned as the temperatures began to fall yesterday afternoon.

With the help of the entire neighborhood and some advice from Sanctuary volunteers, this kind lady managed to have a live trap set up from the Weld County Sheriff’s Department. She kept a very close eye on Maya and the trap until the dog, so hungry crawled into the live trap to eat. Once caught, calls went out to the Windsor police department and our Sanctuary.

The Windsor Police Department agreed to allow our Sanctuary to take in this dog because she was definitely not going to pass any temperament tests and would have to be euthanized and they were a bit uncomfortable getting Maya out of the trap.

The funny thing about animals is their sense of person. If they sense your fear, anger or resentment, they can react to actions in different ways. Well, Darrin, being no stranger to aggressive animals, crawled halfway into that live trap to comments regarding “the crocodile hunter” or something of that nature. Maya was great; she allowed him to slip the leash over her head and followed him out of the trap to freedom!

Maya has been running for a while, exactly how long, we do not know, she is so very afraid of everything still, but trusts us and is a very sweet dog. It was evident that people had been throwing things at her and hitting her. She seems to have had some fights with other dogs as she has some cuts and scrapes on her, but nothing serious.

Thank you to the many people of this Windsor neighborhood working together to save this beautiful girl. She is very thankful that she will be getting a Second Chance with us here at the Sanctuary!

We will post a picture soon!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Simple Ways to Advocate for all Animals

I think it's easy for some of us to feel overwhelmed with existing issues of animal abuse, neglect, and or abandonment. I know that I often feel as if there aren't enough laws and ordinances to protect animals living in our various communities. It's important to remember that all of us, as community members, share a voice in how animal welfare laws are established. If there is an animal welfare law that you feel should be in place or one that should be changed, take a stand and contact community and or government officials. Take the time to write letters to the editors of newspapers and to attend city council or town hall meetings. Be prepared to share your thoughts by jotting down important points. I think that many of us can concur that there should be more stringent animal welfare laws in many of our communities. As well, take the time to thank a government official for signing a bill into law. It's great to be heard and to make changes for the betterment of the lives of animals. Both the ASPCA and HSUS websites provide many opportunities for advocacy and update animal lovers on changes made to existing laws or new laws that have been enforced state and nationwide. Signing up as a member to one of these sites permits you, as an advocate, to send e-mails or letters to government officials. It's an easy way to stay active for animals! Don't forget, advocating can simply mean educating another person about the welfare of animals. Simply initiating positive conversations with others can help people to view things in new ways. Contact us if you have any questions!