Sunday, April 30, 2006

A Truly Happy Ending!

Doesn't Sam look happy? Well, he is and it looks like he loves smiling at everyone! Sam has found happiness at his new home and Jenna Mollman reports that Sam is an "awesome dog" who loves lots and lots of attention! Jenna, thank you so much for opening your heart and home to Sam! We are glad to know that he is doing great!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

With all of the many animals in need, veterinary bills are abundant. South Mesa Veterinary Hospital has been very generous in their services to us.

Recently we have had a number of emergency cases come through, raising our veterinary bills to approximately $1000.00. We need help with these. If you are willing or able to bake dog treats and bring them to South Mesa, we are able to pay some of the bill through donations given in exchange for these dog treats. Or if you would rather make a monetary donation, feel free to call South Mesa Directly at (970) 226-6526 and talk with Sarah Swanty or the receptionist.

Or, you can make a donation through our website and paypal by visitiing our homepage at

Cats and Kittens Rescued

Just yesterday we had yet another rescue of cats and kittens. This time, a mother cat, just six months old nursing three 4 day old kittens. Her littermate and Mother also arrived with them. The older mother had a litter of kittens of which none survived.

Of the three kittens nursing on the younger mother, one is having to be supplemented and we are worried about its chances of survival.

Sarah Swanty, a very valuable volunteer, has been helping to nurse this baby and assist momma cat. We need help caring for these and many other cats like them through donations of cat and kitten food, KMR (formula for kittens), cat litter, litter pans, dishes and veterinary services.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Fort Collins Cattery!

Well we are officially in our new Cattery thanks to the help of the Scratchin Post, an upscale cat boarding facility here in Fort Collins.

We are housing our adoptable cats and kittens in this new location, so if you are looking for a new pet, swing on by and visit us in the afternoons from 3pm to 7pm or on Sundays from 12pm to 5pm

Location: 2321 E. Mulberry St. #2 Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 308-6275

A Great Recovery!

Lizzie was just a puppy when I was called in to rescue her. She is a Shar-pei/Pit Bull mix. She was found near railroad tracks and had been forced to eat straight corn in order to stay alive. This was the middle of winter. She had no fur left, only bloody lesions all over her body. Her eyes were infected to the point that she could hardly open them, let alone see.

The Sanctuary took her in, bathed her wounds and medicated her eyes. We began slowly introducing her to her new dog food. Her feces were straight corn, she had been living on only that. Lizzie was so trusting of us from the start and was incredibly friendly. She loved other dogs and liked to chase cats!

One fine day, Kristie Fischer of the Mutt Hutt, Inc. Came over for a visit and when told of Lizzie's plight, she had to see her. Kristie's eyes immediately filled with tears at the sight of this poor and neglected animal. Finding it so hard to believe that somebody could possibly do this!

Kristie, having the enormous heart that she has, took Lizzie in and after thousands of dollars in veterinary and other bills, Lizzie is now whole again! She is incredibly happy in her permanent home with Kristie and Scott Fischer and has her very own yard to play in! She and Krisitie's great dane, have a blast together running in circles and playing!

Thank youKristie, for your selfless acts and kindness towards all of these animals!

Foster a Dog and Become a Friend for Life!

Who can forget about Tyson? Tyson is just one example of the many sweet spirited dogs in need of sponsorship and new homes. Along with Tyson, there are other dogs at the sanctuary that are in need of a second chance. Are you the right person to sponsor or adopt one of our dogs? Please visit our website and view the animals that are available for adoption. Summer is a wonderful time to introduce a new pup to the family. Many of these dogs, like Tyson, Patty, and Penny, need a chance to hike in the mountains, run in the backyard, and play in the summer sun. Always ensure that your dog has enough water, shade, and or shelter from the heat. For those in need of vaccinations for their animals, please note that there is a low cost vaccination clinic this Saturday, April 22, 2006, from 10:00 a.m.-3:oo p.m. at J&T Country Feeds in Greeley!

Emmie, The Confident Kitty!

Emmie is doing just fine in her new home! She is feeling comfortable and confident, and, most importantly, happy. With kitten season already here, there are many kittens and adult cats, like Emmie, in need of adoption. Please feel free to come and visit us at our new cattery in Fort Collins. We would again like to express our gratitude to the Scratchin' Post. Emmie is living proof that a little patience goes a long way! Given time to explore and settle in to her new surroundings, Emmie is truly comfortable in her new home. As with all of our kittens and cats, we are always searching for both foster and permanent homes in which they can build a new life. If you have the time and capability to be a foster parent, please contact us. It is a very important job that takes dedication, reliability, and trust. We hope to see you soon and thank all of you for your support!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Hugs for Tyson

Tyson, a beautiful two year old Pointer mix, is seen here at mobile adoptions receiving a hug from one of our most devoted volunteers, Jane. We are happy to report that Tyson has found a foster home! Foster homes are critical to the animals of Denkai and all animals in need of adoption. It is a time for them to learn to build relationships with human beings and possibly other animals. Most importantly, it is a time for them to learn to trust, and sometimes to heal. Tyson is a gentle dog and loves to be with humans and animals, alike. We are sure that he will do well in his new foster home and thank those that are able to take the time to work with animals in need, such as Tyson.

Time Spent With Isabelle and Diesel

Isabelle and Diesel, two resident pups of Denkai Animal Sanctuary are currently available for adoption. Siblings, they were found on a doorstep, in Craig, Colorado and brought to the sanctuary. Isabelle and Diesel represent so many of the dogs and cats in our community, those that are neglected and in need of a fresh start. Isabelle and Diesel shown here, at PetSmart, are meeting and greeting potential new families. Mobile Adoption Weekends are truly emerging as great opportunites to give animals like Isabelle and Diesel a second chance. We know that they have lots of fun going for walks, playing with one another and meeting lots of new friends. They are playful and loving and we know that they will meet the family that will love them forever!