Saturday, December 30, 2006

The first Blizzard

Finally, we have a real snow storm! It has been absolutely beautiful out here, the patterns left by drifting snow are simply natures art!

Well, we have some great pictures of our semi loaded with hay stuck in a four foot snow drift. It took about three days to dig that one out. Enjoy the pictures!

We worked really hard to get these animals through this blizzard, but we really need cash donations to get through these next couple of months, so if you haven't donated yet, please help to save the life of an animal and donate through our website at and click on the Network for good icon!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great Way to Start the New Year!

One of my best friends called the other day and told me about the gift that she was going to give to her dad for the holidays ~ a sponsored dog. Her dad already cares for six to seven dogs that were neglected and she knows that he couldn't manage to physically adopt another. She reached out to a local shelter in her native Washington and found a dog that she could sponsor in the name of her dad. The shelter or rescue organization, rather, will be able to provide for the dog for one year and will send pictures and a newsletter out to the father of my friend. Isn't this a great idea? Denkai also offers this service. If you know of someone who can't physically adopt or care for an animal, sponsoring one in their name is a great gift idea. We will provide you with a photograph of the animal and updates. If the person sponsoring the animal lives in the area, he or she is more than welcome to come out and visit with the sponsored animal at any time! I think that this is also a great opportunity for young people to learn about what it takes to care for both farm and domestic animals before taking on the responsibility of an actual adoption. Contact us for more information and we would be happy to help you out!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Winter Tips for Keeping Pets Safe and Warm

As winter approaches, it's important that we protect all of our animal companions. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when caring for your pet as cold weather approaches.

1. Be careful of antifreeze drips and spills. Domestic and wild animals are attracted to antifreeze and will often drink it, unaware that it is poisonous. Most animals will not recover if they accidentally consume antifreeze. Ensure that you wipe up any spills and tightly close all containers to protect your cat, dog, or a wild animal.

2. It is best to keep pets indoors during times of extreme cold. Cats and dogs can still experience frost bite on the tips of their ears, nose, and paws. If your animal must remain outdoors, use wood for creating a shelter and straw works best as a heat insulator. Blankets and towels will only freeze if left outdoors. Straw is fairly inexpensive, as well, and costs about $4 to $5 per bale. Always ensure that your animal has fresh water that is not frozen and extra food. Animals consume more food in the winter in order to keep warm. Remember, it's always best that the animal be inside, if possible, but follow the above tips for necessary outdoor shelters.

3. Watch for any changes to an animals appearance during the winter months. Some animals respond differently to cold than others. Paw pads may bleed or become cracked due to exposure to the cold, ice, and snow. Use natural ointments to soothe paw pads and always clean off any snow remnants.

4. If you see a stray or lost animal, do the right thing and pick it up. Give us a call and we will direct you as to how to best help the animal. Carry an emergency pack with you (extra blankets, treats, water jug, leashes, carriers, etc.), in case you may need to lure a frightened animal out of hiding in order to get it to safety.

These are just several animal tips to keep in mind when caring for your pet during throughout the cold winter months. Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. Remember, keep your animal companions safe and warm!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Help Needed in Socializing Cats

Fostering animals is one of the most important gifts that we can give to them. More importantly, taking the time to foster and socialize animals helps them to have a more successful chance at becoming a new member to an adoptive family. Many feral, semi-feral, and stray cats are living in our surrounding communities. Many need extra time in being socialized, as they have had to acclimate to living in a mode of constant survival. Sadly, many of these cats are euthanized daily, as foster homes and special programs are not made available to animals in need of long-term socialization. I am currently in need of individuals willing to foster and socialize some of these animals. While some of these cats will never be able to live indoors, many can live happy lives outdoors, in the right environments. Still, I am in need of persons willing to take the time to foster these cats while they are spayed and neutered and work with me in finding new placements for them, whether it be an indoor or outdoor environment. If anyone feels that they are willing to work on this issue and become a foster parent to these cats, please contact Shanon at Thank you for your compassion and willingness to help!