Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Great Recovery!

Lizzie was just a puppy when I was called in to rescue her. She is a Shar-pei/Pit Bull mix. She was found near railroad tracks and had been forced to eat straight corn in order to stay alive. This was the middle of winter. She had no fur left, only bloody lesions all over her body. Her eyes were infected to the point that she could hardly open them, let alone see.

The Sanctuary took her in, bathed her wounds and medicated her eyes. We began slowly introducing her to her new dog food. Her feces were straight corn, she had been living on only that. Lizzie was so trusting of us from the start and was incredibly friendly. She loved other dogs and liked to chase cats!

One fine day, Kristie Fischer of the Mutt Hutt, Inc. Came over for a visit and when told of Lizzie's plight, she had to see her. Kristie's eyes immediately filled with tears at the sight of this poor and neglected animal. Finding it so hard to believe that somebody could possibly do this!

Kristie, having the enormous heart that she has, took Lizzie in and after thousands of dollars in veterinary and other bills, Lizzie is now whole again! She is incredibly happy in her permanent home with Kristie and Scott Fischer and has her very own yard to play in! She and Krisitie's great dane, have a blast together running in circles and playing!

Thank youKristie, for your selfless acts and kindness towards all of these animals!