Saturday, June 17, 2006

Remember Emmie?

Emmie continues to prosper in her new home. Can you believe that she was living on the streets a little less than four months ago? Emmie is comfortable in her surroundings and enjoys talking, eating, and lounging in bed.

Would you like to volunteer your time at our new sanctuary site helping to socialize the animals? We would love to work with individuals willing to spend time talking to, grooming, and walking the animals in our care. There are many horses, pigs, goats, and dogs on site that would benefit from positive human interactions. Consider sponsoring an animal and spending time building a wonderful relationship!

Emmie is a shining example of what socialization, patience, and love can do in order to help to rehabilitate animals once abandoned, abused, and or neglected. We hope that you will consider spending time with some of our animals! We welcome all those who would like to volunteer their time and will train you in techniques that will help in the socialization process of the animals. Hope to see you soon!