Monday, July 03, 2006

Update on Neglected Horses from December

It has been six months since four miniature horses entered the sanctuary due to owner neglect. Many of you donated money and time towards the care of these precious little beings.

Lena, a three year old mare, Annabelle, her 15 year old mother, Coal, approximately 5 years old and still a stallion and Shelby, a gray dapple gelding were all taken in by our sanctuary in December, they were the lucky ones. One little two year old mare was not so lucky, she did not make it, and was dead upon our arrival to rescue the others.

Thanks to a good diet, plenty of excercise and TLC from our very best supporters, these little minis have blossomed into beautiful beings! The mares are still having some problems shedding out, this is due to malnourishment, lack of protein and minerals before entering the sanctuary. Over the past six months, we have been working hard to get their weight back up, hooves trimmed and itchy, dry skin, moist again! Enjoy the pictures!