Friday, October 20, 2006

New Arrivals, Sponsor Jewel and Sash, Sponsors Needed!

Jewel is a gorgeous Thoroubred, possibly warmblood cross Mare, This horse is so well trained and has obviously at one point in time had an amazing life. She was headed to Slaughter. Such a beautiful animal that somebody had put so much into, now nothing more than skin and bones with a gleam of hope in her eye that somebody will help her.

When I picked Jewel up, she immediately nudged me with her head in a gesture of thanks. She loaded like a pro into the horse trailer, not prompting whatsoever. When we arrived at the Sanctuary, Jewel slowly backed up out of the trailer and when her front feet were on the ground, she waited patiently for me to grab the lead rope and take her to her destination. Very well trained!

Please consider sponsoring Jewel today! A monthly sponsorship is only $30.00.

Sash is a beautiful Palamino Gelding, only about 14 hh. He also escaped Slaughter. He is very trusting, but not quite sure about everything. I was able to get a halter on him and lead him to the trailer. He was so trusting and followed me willingly. All that was running through my head was that somebody could have been leading this horse to his fate at a slaughter plant and he was willing to trust, not knowing what his fate was to be. Thank goodness it wasn't that. Sash will be worked with on training, but is very green from what we can tell. We think he is a Mustang.

Please consider sponsoring him, he has a very persistent cough and is being quarantined for the next month or more. Sponsorship is only $30.00!