Friday, April 13, 2007

The lucky 7 Denkai Miracle Horses

These are the seven lucky horses residing at our Sanctuary from the Miracle Horse rescue. Some of these pictures are a bit graphic. These horses survived a horrifying experience. First being trucked to the Dekalb, Illinois slaughter plant from Wyoming. They were off-loaded in Dekalb and are the only horses to have seen the inside of a slaughter plant and lived so that their tale may be told.

Some quick stats for you:

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Lena is an amazing 21 year old mare. She has a bad knee on her front left leg and twists it a bit when she walks. Lena is looking for a home with pasture, a buddy and peace! She is very sweet and luckily only has a few scrapes on her head from bouncing around in the trailer with 33 other horses.

Survivor, the famous #22. This gentle, kind 30 year old gelding is skin and bones with a blind left eye and no teeth left for hay. Survivor is by far the thinnest of the 33 horses that were on this transport and yet his will to live is strong. Survivor is on a diet of senior horse feed throughout the day and his energy and weight are picking up.

Gus is a 7 year old TB Gelding. He is an ex-racehorse and we have found a tatoo on his upper lip confirming this. He is showing some bone spurs on his stifle and is a bit stiff, but at 17 hands, he is a very majestic horse. He loves to nuzzle and would enjoy a good brushing along with a forever home!

Smiley is an amazing 23 year old TB Gelding. You will see from the first picture here, he has a bowed tendon (high). We were extremely concerned for Smiley upon arrival to the Stockyard, he had a horrible set of shoes on his front hooves and could not stand to move around or walk anymore. Our farrier, Darrin Hill immediately removed the shoes and trimmed his hooves back.

Smiley is a gentle and sweet horse with a kind soul and his tendon is recovering nicely every day! He will be looking for a permanent home soon!

Sherman is a gorgeous 11 year old Paint Gelding. Upon arrival, Sherman showed an outrageously swollen sheath, making it hard to urinate. He was tested for cancer and other abnormalities, thankfully, this all came back negative. We believe that this is from being kicked in the trailer by another horse.

Sherman's swelling continues to reduce daily. We believe that he is very well trained, but will find out in a couple of weeks. Oh and if you come to visit and he backs in to you, don't hesitate to give him a good scratchin on his rear!

Sasha is a sweetheart 9 year old Bay Mare. When I first saw her at the Stockyard, her eyes were swollen shut due to infection and being slammed around in the trailer to and from the Dekalb plant. Her eyes are back to normal now with only a few scratches to show. I pulled about 12 ticks off of her and then medicated her and the rest of the bunch for these little crawlies!

Sasha continues to gain weight and is looking forward to her new home with Michelle in Wyoming!

May is a wonderful 9 year old Quarter Horse Mare. She is super friendly and would jump in your pocket if you'd let her! May sustained some horrifying injuries to her jaw, pictured above. This is not a strangles break, it has been cultured, they are cuts, gashes from her horrifying experiences. Despite all of this, we believe May will make a full recovery and a wonderful companion!