Thursday, August 16, 2007

Little Man's Big Day

Little Man is a 10 year old miniature horse. He came to our Sanctuary due to a neglect case almost 2 years ago as a stallion. He definitely earned his name and has had plenty of company from our many resident goats as he could not join the ladies yet! Well the neglect case is over and thanks to a generous donation from Bridget Spangler, he had a big day at the vet yesterday and was made a gelding!

Upon arrival at the veterinarian's facility, Little Man pranced from the trailer whinnying and jogging in excited circles, where are the other horses! I can smell them, where are they?
After a bit of sedative and a bit more (there was some rearing in there too, thank goodness he is small!) Little Man was ready for surgery!

Here are a couple of pictures with a big thank you to Dr. Farrand and his Wife/tech. Kim. We enjoy working with these guys and appreciate their hard and diligent work!

After surgery, Little Man has been going for walks two to three times per day. We are looking for walkers! Could that be you? come out and visit him soon.