Thursday, December 11, 2008

Give the Gift of Life this Holiday Season!

This year, Denkai Animal Sanctuary has given assistance to hundreds of domestic, farm animals and mustang horses throughout Colorado and the United States. We operate through contributions from kind and caring individuals such as yourself.

Make a contribution in the name of your family or friends this holiday season by sponsoring one of our many special animals who would otherwise have been homeless without your support. For a mere $25.00 per month, you can help to save a life!

Contributions are tax deductible within the means of the IRS 501(c)3 code. Visit and click on any donation icon to contribute towards the animal of your choice.

Read below about some of our special animals and their special needs!

Meet The Fonz!
This 300lb goat roamed the streets of Fort Collins for about two weeks creating a flood of calls to the Larimer Humane Society. They were unable to apprehend this large escapee, so it was Denkai to the rescue! Fonzie has a very happy go lucky personality and has quickly become a favorite here at the Sanctuary!

Meet Babs!
Babs is one of our senior residents here at the Sanctuary. She was taken in when another farmed animal Sanctuary closed its doors. Babs resides here along with two other ewes all are near 14 years of age!

Say Hello to My Little Friend! Chico is a polish rooster. He was one of many purchased at a feed store and since he did not turn out a hen, he was unwanted. Chico is very sweet, loves to roost on his little house and would love to meet his sponsor this holiday season!


Charlotte is brand new to our Sanctuary. She was picked up as a stray in the streets of Loveland by Larimer Humane Society. They quickly discovered her escapee potential after chasing her a few times and when nobody claimed her, she was passed on to our Sanctuary. This little lady is around a year old and has a lot of growing to do! This is one pig that will never see a holiday dinner from the plate! She will live her life out here at our Sanctuary! We would like to thank Cache La Poudre Feeds in Fort Collins for supplying her with plenty of feed for the next few weeks!

Sweet Pea!

Sweet Pea is a favorite to anybody who has visited Denkai Animal Sanctuary.
She was the victim of severe neglect which left her crippled, but still able to walk. We have maintained her for the last few years and are finding that she now needs a cart to help ease the strain on her front legs, shoulders and her back. We are working round the clock to raise a very needed $1,000.00 for her cart: A contribution on her behalf would change her life!