Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bridging the Sanctuary/ Agricultural Industry Gap

At the Sanctuary we had a visit from some local square dancers who spent the day touring our area deciding to make Denkai a stop on their way. This was a demographic of mainly ranchers. They walked away from the Sanctuary with a positive image regarding our work, one which they did not come into the tour with. Unfortunately we are fighting an image that is common among most individuals in the agricultural industry regarding rescue groups.

I was asked many times what happens when an old horse that is seriously ill and has no chance of recovery comes to us if we just keep it alive and let it suffer and how do we dispose of these animals, how are we funded and my favorite, so can you legitimately say that no animal on your place is suffering. Great, obviously, they have come across a few not so legit organizations.

Whew, I had to wipe my brow after this group left. However, I was able to identify with them in many ways, especially when in came to harvesting crops and the hard work that goes into that. I was able to communicate to them the fact that we have a good relationship with area ranchers and farmers, are actually working together and able to help them through several means.

Through all of our farming activities, showing that we are responsible in caring for the animals at our facility, working side by side with farmers and ranchers, and having a business/marketing plan, Denkai is bridging the gap between the Sanctuary and Agricultural industries.