Sunday, January 17, 2010

Senior Horses Have Special Needs

Denkai Animal Sanctuary is home to five senior horses. Each of whom have special dietary needs that keep us busy tending to them every day! Below you will see each of their photos and read each of their heartbreaking stories.

Our work here is special and incredibly important to the happiness and welfare of these wonderful animals. Find out below how you can help them live their life out here at Denkai after a lifetime of service to people.

Our goal for all of these seniors since they are permanent residents here is to gain enough in-kind and cash contributions that will fence off a 50 acre area which is available now so that they may enjoy their stay. The emotional happiness in these animals is so important to us! Supplies needed include: 8' round posts, t-posts, smooth wire, wood for more shelters, a trencher to run a water line, hydrant for water, gates and lots of volunteers! Contact us if you can help!

Santana is a 28 year old Paso Fino Stallion. He was part of a neglect case in Jefferson county where he nearly starved to death. Thanks to the work of animal control officers and other individuals in the community, he is now safe at Denkai!

A big thank you goes out to Tracy, Jennifer and Scott for their hard work on Santana's new loafing shed. This took a enormous amount of effort on their part.

Santana is on a senior feed only diet, we could really use some help sponsoring him!

Jebediah is a 31 year old Mule. he was originally part of a dude ranch, then found a home with a wonderful couple. Due to health problems with his owner, they were no longer able to care for him.

Jeb is on a senior feed only diet as well. Sponsor him today!

Ponch and Fred are best friends at Denkai. They came to us last night because their owner passed from cancer recently. Ponch is 23 years old and Fred is 28. Ponch is an OTT Racehorse and Fred is an ex-therapy horse. Fred is pretty thin and is going to need a lot of extra care to get back on track, not to mention dental work as soon as possible.

Survivor, 33+ year old gelding. Survivor was part of the Miracle Horse Rescue with HSUS. He is doing very well still, has a lot of spunk is is just an amazing gentleman.

Fred again, you can see he needs a bit of help, but with your dedication, we can make this happen!

You can become a monthly sponsor for one or several of these special needs horses by visiting:
We rely on your monthly contributions to continue caring for and feeding each of these animals. Their daily feed includes mineral supplements, joint supplements, senior grain and lots of love twice each day! Each horse costs us a total of $150 per month to care for. None of these horses are sponsored monthly at this point in time. Contact us at or (970) 895-2337 to help.