Monday, March 08, 2010

Horses, Mules, Donkeys Need Homes URGENT!!

After having more than 100 animals, dogs, cats, and rabbits removed from Little Bit o Love rescue and Sanctuary near Carpenter, WY by Wyoming Animal Control officers one week ago, the facility has decided to release 23 horses, donkeys, and mules to homes and other rescue groups.

This is a very URGENT matter, the deadline to find and place these animals is Thursday, the 11th of March. Please contact Floss directly at (970) 217-1457 or if you can contribute funding or a home for any of the following animals listed in the next four blogs here.

4 Year Old
Molly Mule
Halter trained

6 year old
John Mule
Halter trained

10 Year old
BLM Mustang