Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Filo's Day Out with Bridget

Filo and I started our day out with a car ride to Boyd Lake Veterinary Center. Filo had a great time chasing the reflection off my watch during this ride. After we got to the doggie daycare Filo met Dr. Doherty at the desk and then we were off to start the day. We ate a little cause after all we knew it'd be an exhausting day... lol.

After breakfast Filo met Ryan, who I must say he fell in love with. We headed outside for a fun filled day of play! Filo played ball with Ryan and Brandon and me. We played catch me if you can-where the dog always wins-, fetch, and hide and seek. After a morning of play Filo needed a break so into the kennels we went.

After resting and watching the other dogs play Filo was ready to play again. We played a game similar to laser tag only we used the sun and Ryans watch. Filo truly loved this game as he tried to catch the reflection on the wall. After he'd had enough of this game we went back outside to play some more ball and hang out with the other dogs.

We decided to take Filo for a swim but he had other ideas as in "you think I'm getting in that water"...lol, he ran around the pool barking at the toys in the water as we laughed ourselves silly at him. By the end of the afternoon Filo was one tired out boy. He seemed to love doggie daycare and I'm certain he'll be dreaming of going back.

We all had a great time with Filo at doggie daycare he truly was a blast to have around! Thanks for sharing him with us for the day. All of us at daycare are looking forward to seeing him again on Tuesday when he finally gets to meet Shamar. Talk to you later! Enjoy the pics!