Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sleepovers with Tiffany

KittensI had the kittens at my house for the night where they crawled all over the place. I tried to keep them in the kitchen but they just crawled over the barrier and wanted to explore. Gray kitten & Rico

My dog, Rico, was very interested in them and tried to get them to play with him. Eventually the gray kitten warmed up to him a little bit and especially liked his tail. Of course all the play time tired out the kittens and they later snuggled together for a nap.

SammySammy and Rico hit it off right from the start. From the minute I brought Sammy into my apartment they would chase each other back and forth. Sammy loved the attention and was always happy to lay down for a belly rub. Of course he didn't realize how big he was as he tried to take a nap in Rico's little bed.

Oreo and Rico also had a good time playing together. Oreo had a nice bath to get her all shiny. She was very good in the bath. She made a few friends when I had some friends over and she loved everyone (it was definitely mutual). She was such a good dog and followed me around the apartment. OreoWhen I would do my hair she would lay outside of my bathroom and watch me with her front paws crossed. (She was a very proper puppy). She definitely had a good time.