Saturday, September 16, 2006

Preparing for an Emergency

How prepared are you for an emergency? Just as we prepare our homes against flood, tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster, we need to take the time to devise an emergency plan in case we need to evacuate with our familes, including companion animals. There are several critical factors to keep in mind when preparing for an emergency in which you would need to evacuate. Make sure that all of your vet records are available to take with you and that you have current photographs of companion animals. This is extremely critical in case you become separated. Have an emergency supply of any medication or herbal remedy that is needed for the animals. In turn, stockpiling a months supply of dry and soft food and water is critical. Have carriers, leashes and extra blankets in a safe location so that you will be ready to go if the time comes. The first step is to make a list of everything that is needed to care for your companion animals on a daily basis and set aside a supply that will last a month. It might seem extreme, but it is vital to prepare in case of emergency. If you use litter that comes in jugs or large plastic gallon totes, clean out and use for maintaining an emergency water supply.