Thursday, December 28, 2006

Great Way to Start the New Year!

One of my best friends called the other day and told me about the gift that she was going to give to her dad for the holidays ~ a sponsored dog. Her dad already cares for six to seven dogs that were neglected and she knows that he couldn't manage to physically adopt another. She reached out to a local shelter in her native Washington and found a dog that she could sponsor in the name of her dad. The shelter or rescue organization, rather, will be able to provide for the dog for one year and will send pictures and a newsletter out to the father of my friend. Isn't this a great idea? Denkai also offers this service. If you know of someone who can't physically adopt or care for an animal, sponsoring one in their name is a great gift idea. We will provide you with a photograph of the animal and updates. If the person sponsoring the animal lives in the area, he or she is more than welcome to come out and visit with the sponsored animal at any time! I think that this is also a great opportunity for young people to learn about what it takes to care for both farm and domestic animals before taking on the responsibility of an actual adoption. Contact us for more information and we would be happy to help you out!