Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Help Needed in Socializing Cats

Fostering animals is one of the most important gifts that we can give to them. More importantly, taking the time to foster and socialize animals helps them to have a more successful chance at becoming a new member to an adoptive family. Many feral, semi-feral, and stray cats are living in our surrounding communities. Many need extra time in being socialized, as they have had to acclimate to living in a mode of constant survival. Sadly, many of these cats are euthanized daily, as foster homes and special programs are not made available to animals in need of long-term socialization. I am currently in need of individuals willing to foster and socialize some of these animals. While some of these cats will never be able to live indoors, many can live happy lives outdoors, in the right environments. Still, I am in need of persons willing to take the time to foster these cats while they are spayed and neutered and work with me in finding new placements for them, whether it be an indoor or outdoor environment. If anyone feels that they are willing to work on this issue and become a foster parent to these cats, please contact Shanon at volunteer@denkaisanctuary.org. Thank you for your compassion and willingness to help!