Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hopi, Impounded from a Junkyard

Hopi is an incredible 35 year old Gelding. He was impounded by the State Veterinarian's office and housed at Denver Municipal Animal Shelter until his case was closed. Registering a 2.5 on the Henneke scale with teeth in dire need of dental work and a carcinoma on one eye, he was a mess.

The kind folks at Denver Municipal Cared for him well and then asked our Sanctuary to take him in. Gladly we did. Hopi is incredible, his is spunky with a lot of life left to live.

Please help by making a donation towards his much needed dental work of $150.00 and senior feed, cost for a 50 lb bag is only $12.50. Visit our website at to donate today. Your donation is life-saving in times like these!