Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miracle the Paraplegic Pig

Miracle is just that, a 5 week old pig, whose life is an absolute miracle.

This little girl was found by two very caring people lying on the side of the highway in Iowa after falling from a factory farming transport to the sale barn. She had tire tracks over her hind end and was struggling to look up for help of any kind.

She was lucky, Bobbi Jo was driving by that day and happened upon her. After being told to hit the pig in the head several times with a hammer and kill her by locals and veterinarians, Bobbi Jo decided to seek out other options. She called several Sanctuaries, all willing to help Miracle in some form or other. Our Sanctuary is able to house Miracle, such a special girl. She is not in pain, just paralyzed from the hips down. Miracle is able to produce regular bowel movements and gets around really well with just her front end. We believe she deserves a chance to live!

Iowa is a very large farming community, especially factory farms filled with pigs. This little girl doesn't stand a chance in a place like that.

You can help! We are working to gain a set of wheels for Miracle, if you have any resources for these, please contact us right away. This is an urgent matter. (970) 897-3122. Miracle will need a lot of care and TLC, your donations will help to save her life and keep her comfortable. Donations can be mailed to: 10375 WCR 118, Carr, CO 80612 or you can donate via our website at

The following is the original letter from those that found Miracle.

Dear Friends,
I am writing you in regards to a wonderful baby pig named
miracle. Miracle is a 5 week old paraplegic pig that we rescued
from the side of the highway. She wants so much to live and we
have went through great lengths to keep her alive. Unfortunately
we live in a huge factory farming region and don't have much
support from those around us. I have been told several times to
"hit her on the head with a hammer".I have been in touch with
several vets all around the country. We want very much for her to
live, even for a while. But she needs a lot of special attention
that we will soon not be able to give her. We cannot let her
suffer, so this is my last attempt to find someone who could help.
Are only other option is, euthanasia. I have to know however,
that there are no other options.

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