Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow is Here, We need your Help!

Once again this year, we are snowed in! The 150 animals that call this home, need your help, act now, don't leave them without hay and grain this Christmas! The horses and other livestock residing here have been through terrible traumas; abandonment, starvation, beatings, neglect, the list goes on and on, thanks to your contributions, they are safe now. Help us keep them that way!

Dedicated workers spend more than 5 hours feeding and watering these animals on a daily basis. This is made possible by donation of a tractor by John and Eileen Connell and our 4WD Pickup truck Donated by DCP Midstream. These are two incredibly important tools, that we can not afford to be without in these winter months when feeding these animals.

We once again need to raise funding in the amount of $2,700.00 for hay here at the Sanctuary, we have managed to bring in two semi loads on our own since your last donations, but once again need your help, please don' t leave these animals hungry, this is our largest need here, the animals can not go without it. Our load of hay is en route right now from Montana and will be offloaded here Wednesday assuming the weather clears a little.

To donate: vist our website at www.denkaisanctuary.org and click any donation button or mail donations to: 10375 WCR 118 Carr, CO 80612 care of Denkai Animal Sanctuary.