Monday, November 10, 2008

2 Pit bulls Scheduled for Execution Need Help!

Urgent! Two very sweet black and white male pitbulls are awaiting their
execution in Gunnison, CO. These two, one year old pit bulls are set to be
executed for killing a rabbit. The county they are located in is not
pitbull friendly and would rather kill these two dogs than give them
another chance.

They did not attack a person, they have never threatened a child or any
other animals and they are absolute lovers.

You can help. In order to save them,they need to be transfered out of the
county that they are in. These two boys will need to be neutered.

1. Does anybody have room to take one or both of them in?

2. Can anybody help to sponsor them in order to cover transport costs,
neutering, vaccinations (we assume they are not up to date, but will know
more), and possible boarding costs if we can not find a home or rescue
facility that has openings? Cost would be around $400 per dog. Any amount
will help with them though.

These dogs only have two more days until they are executed. Please contact
Sara Hoffman for more information at: (970) 596-6594.

If Sara can not be reached, feel free to contact our Sanctuary at: or (970) 217-1457.

For more information on the Pit Bull Breed, please visit our website at:

Thank you for Caring!