Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snow, Winter Needs!

This is a video of our first snow last night. This is a very minor glimpse into what we are in for this winter here at the Sanctuary. We still need your help to stockpile feed for the animals and in getting functional equipment. The areas that you see drifting in this video will be 5 times that size when winter really does hit and we need your help to be prepared.

Items needed include:

60 more tons of hay. We have access to this, we need help gaining the funding in the amount of $7,000 to accomplish this. We are able to get this hay hauled into us from South Dakota for $120 per ton including delivery. To buy locally, the cost would be $180 to $200 or more per ton, that doesn't include delivery. We save a lot of money this way and your contribution stretches farther. Hay is our largest and most urgent need.

To contribute: donate online at:, click any donation button or mail donations to: Denkai Animal Sanctuary 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729

We need a skid steer with tracks, these work really well in getting over deep snow drifts, digging out of them and keeping the animals fed in the worst of conditions. If you can help out with this need, please contact us: (970) 217-1457 or

We are working to stockpile feed for pigs, chickens and grain for horses. To contribute towards any of these items, please contact Cache la Poudre Feeds at: (970) 482-5092 or J&T Feeds in Greeley at (970) 378-0240. Any amount contributed will help. We can pick up donated items.

Thank you for caring, these animals would have been much less fortunate without your help!