Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Snow Drifts In Sanctuary!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary was hit hard last night by spring snow storms. Founder Floss Blackburn along with Johnna Hayes and April spent hours digging animals out by hand. The largest project was Charles, the Sanctuary's 900 lb boar pig. He has been nicknamed pigosaurus due to his enormous size. Needless to say he and his shelter were buried under six foot snowdrifts. So it took three women two hours to dig him out. First came a snout and a snort, then came his head and then we all ran like our rear ends were on fire when he finally came tearing out of his hut.

It is vital to Denkai's operations to have a skid steer or larger loader on hand for storms like this. The north horse pens were literally drifted full of 6' snow drifts. The animals that normally reside in those pens had to be moved to other areas of the Sanctuary. The little tractor that was so generously contributed unfortunately is not built for this job and has a cracked frame.

The Sanctuary houses three dogs that are dog aggressive. Rose's pen snowed shut, so she had to be moved, she has an insulated dog house with heated bedding. Denkai is seeking funds that would go towards building a badly needed facility for the dogs. When the weather is wicked like this, all eight dogs have to be moved and kept separate in the Sanctuary's 600 square foot house. YIKES!