Friday, October 09, 2009

Meet the Goats of Denkai! Help through Sponsorship!

There are many special animals here at Denkai. More than 20 goats and sheep reside at our Sanctuary. Several of these are senior animals who have been with us over the last four years and several are young goats who have faced misfortune prior to entering Denkai.

The escape artists in the video are from the Peyton, CO area. Breeding became out of control and what started with merely a few goats turned into 9 very quickly. Their owner, no longer able to care for them had just stopped feeding them until rescue stepped in. Most all of these goats had very little if any handling and are still pretty wild to this day. They are very beautiful and without our facility would have had no place to go, they were and are not considered adoptable as a pet.

Goats at Denkai have free roam, but do have a penned area that gives them shelter and protection from predators.

Here's how you can help these wonderful goats:
1. Consider fostering or adoption. We only let goats go to homes as pets and do have several friendly goats here.

2. Become a monthly sponsor, get your church involved in sponsoring, have your child's school or class sponsor an animal. Please visit our website at: and click "The Animals", then Sponsoring for more information.

3. Donate Materials for their enclosure. We need more fencing, preferably 5' livestock panels and posts; wooden or t-posts. Goats love to climb, we would love to be able to build them a bridge to climb onto.

4. Volunteer! You can visit more than just the goats!