Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sanctuary Horses aid Youth in Crisis

Two of 18 Arabian Horses have found their calling in aiding youth in crisis. Bashkira, a 26 year old mare and Colby, a three year old gelding arrived at Reflections for Youth near Loveland, CO on October 20. The reaction from the youth was all we needed to know that this is going to be a successful program for both Denkai Animal Sanctuary and Reflections.

Not only are these youth learning about the horses, their backgrounds and the strife that the equine have been through, they have helped to build a fence, loafing shed and now have daily chores in feeding, watering, and caring for Bashkira and Colby.

We will Bring you continued updates on this project and hope to grow it into more facilities such as Reflections in the future!

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