Friday, March 17, 2006

Mobile Adoption Weekends

Puppies Available for Adoption through Denkai Animal Sanctuary
Every week Denkai Animal Sanctuary conducts mobile adoptions at the local PetSmart in Fort Collins.

Many of the animals at Denkai Animal Sanctuary are in dire need of new families who will nurture them and love them. The time spent at mobile adoptions is a great way to assist these animals and to meet community members and familiarize them about the sanctuary.

We love to let people know that Denkai is an organization that aids all animals in need of care. Puppies, dogs, and cats are just a few of the animals in need of a new permanent or foster home.

At our mobile adoptions dedicated and compassionate volunteers, along with our director, Floss Blackburn, take the time to meet with all prospective persons wanting to adopt an animal. It is critical that animals in need of a home are matched with the right family.

We hope that you will stop by or volunteer your time at mobile adoptions. It is a wonderful time to help the animals and an opportunity to become acquainted with fellow volunteers. The pups shown above are tired out from all of the excitement! They loved greeting new people and making new friends! Please come out to meet with us or volunteer your time. We promise that it will be a worthwhile experience and lots of fun!