Monday, March 20, 2006

Update from Bailey the Goat!

I am now two weeks old and almost eight pounds!! I'm getting so big! I used to be a little bony goat but now I have a big belly. I love my bottle and I'm even starting to eat some hay and alfalfa (my bottle is still my favorite though). I'm not so sure about water yet, I just stick my nose in it and lick my lips. My running skills are improving and I even leap while I'm running. I also love to jump on things! My favorites are pillows, Tiffany's dog's bed (sometimes when he's still in it), and of course Tiffany. I also enjoy getting pet and snuggling, especially after drinking from my bottle. If you hold me in your lap and rub my chest I will be asleep in your arms in no time:)

Don't be fooled though, I am starting to figure out that I'm a goat. I love to chew on anything; the table and computer cords are my favorite. Bed sheets are pretty tasty too. I think I'm going to start grazing on carpet as well. Soon I will be ready to live outside with the other goats at Denkai (of course while still getting my bottle:). It is hard being a baby goat though, my day is full of eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing (I'm real good at that), chewing on everything in my reach, exploring, and of course getting pet. Then I have to start all over and do it again:)