Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Word from Bailey!

I am now two and a half weeks old and still growing! I'm even starting to drink water now like a real goat!! A couple days ago I had a new start to my day. I ate breakfast and pooped as usual. Then I decided to walk backwards into my poop and to make things even messier I used my poopy foot to scratch my head, leg, and pretty much the left side of my body. I didn't see what the problem was but Tiffany didn't seem to be too thrilled with my new look. Needless to say, I got my first bath. Although I wasn't too excited about getting bathed, I was a very good goat and I am now clean and fluffy.

I am making new friends as well. Tiffany's dog, Rico, has really warmed up to me and enjoys running around with me and sometimes kisses my nose. Soon I will make more friends at the sanctuary. I may even be going back as soon as tomorrow. I'm growing so big and I'm really starting to act like a real goat (well a goat who LOVES to get pet). Tiffany is sad to let me go but I know she will be visiting me quite frequently:)