Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Alcoholism Hurts Animals Too

Alcoholism is a disease. Not only does it take a toll on a person's personal life and well-being, their friends and families, but also their pets.

We have seen many an animal come into our sanctuary because of this issue. The first was a beautiful purebred collie. The woman literally had to sneak out of her house with her child when her husband was away to bring us the dog, because when her husband drank, the dog, then the wife were both abused. The latest rescue to come to us involves 6 chickens and 2 ducks, one of which is currently fostered as it is only 1 week old. The person had purchased these at a local feed store and was then arrested on a repeat DUI charge, thrown in jail and will be there for a while. All of these birds were without food and would have starved to death without a place to go.

Think Before you Drink. Drink Responsibly, think about the effects this has on your children, friends and especially your pets, those that rely on you to feed and care for them. Take responsibility for your actions!!