Monday, June 16, 2008

Fort Collins Animals In Need

The below listed animals are just a few of the many in need at a local rescue with only 1 week left to find placement. If these animals do not find placement, they will be transported to Denkai Sanctuary until placement can be found.

Approx. 6 year old Molly Mule. Trained to ride, needs advanced rider has been on trails, has some trust issues with new people, but patience will get you a long way with her.

TB mare, lameness issues, age unknown. Some of the lameness may be fixable, but we are not sure at this point.

Registered QH Mare and yearling Filly. Both need training and are pretty green.

TB Mare, Fairly young, trained to 3rd level dressage.

Mini molly Mule, trained for children to ride, age unknown.

Kiger mustang mare and colt, both are friendly, but need more halter training, etc.

Must stay together, mustang gelding and John Mule, both are seniors, not ride-able.

These goats are all very friendly and would make great pets, most look like a nubian type breed.

Female Pot Bellied Pig. Pretty shy of people, needs a buddy! We are not sure on her age.

Steer, young, maybe 2 years old. Friendly and food motivated.

Donkeys, all jacks from what I could tell, all are incredibly friendly.

Female Yak, food motivated and very friendly