Sunday, January 14, 2007


Maya is a 3-4 year old Malamute Mix Female Dog, here is her story…

We had a phone call yesterday from a lady near Windsor, CO. She had a stray dog running through her neighborhood, very thin and very scared; she could not get the dog to come near her. This kind lady had been setting out food and water for Maya for the past four days and became extremely concerned as the temperatures began to fall yesterday afternoon.

With the help of the entire neighborhood and some advice from Sanctuary volunteers, this kind lady managed to have a live trap set up from the Weld County Sheriff’s Department. She kept a very close eye on Maya and the trap until the dog, so hungry crawled into the live trap to eat. Once caught, calls went out to the Windsor police department and our Sanctuary.

The Windsor Police Department agreed to allow our Sanctuary to take in this dog because she was definitely not going to pass any temperament tests and would have to be euthanized and they were a bit uncomfortable getting Maya out of the trap.

The funny thing about animals is their sense of person. If they sense your fear, anger or resentment, they can react to actions in different ways. Well, Darrin, being no stranger to aggressive animals, crawled halfway into that live trap to comments regarding “the crocodile hunter” or something of that nature. Maya was great; she allowed him to slip the leash over her head and followed him out of the trap to freedom!

Maya has been running for a while, exactly how long, we do not know, she is so very afraid of everything still, but trusts us and is a very sweet dog. It was evident that people had been throwing things at her and hitting her. She seems to have had some fights with other dogs as she has some cuts and scrapes on her, but nothing serious.

Thank you to the many people of this Windsor neighborhood working together to save this beautiful girl. She is very thankful that she will be getting a Second Chance with us here at the Sanctuary!

We will post a picture soon!