Monday, January 29, 2007


Faith is a survivor! This wonderful 3 year old Female Pit Bull who was shot in the stomach and brought into the shelter.

The bullet had entered her stomach and exited her butt by her tail. She was picked up by animal control officers laying in her own blood on her soft bed outside. Her owner just couldn't take the guilt of watching her struggle anymore....

She underwent surgery at the shelter and lost her entire tail. After this stringent surgery, the shelter decided that they were going to have to euthaize Faith, they had not spayed her because of this.

Faith is very loving, she is doing well so far with other dogs and has a lot of training under her already, she sits, stays, and can stand on her hind legs!

Our Sanctuary was more than happy to take on this sweet pup! She is now residing at Boyd Lake Veterinary Center with Trainer, Bridget Spangler. You can visit her and adopt her by calling Bridget at (970) 689-8309.