Sunday, January 14, 2007

Katie and Flicka, A match made in Heaven

Katie has lived her entire life longing for a horse to call her own. At only 17, she has an entire room devoted to her animal friends; her Hampster, who if I might say is absolutely spoiled rotten, her rabbit, recently acquired, also spoiled rotten and both are very happy! Her room is filled with horses, posters, portraits, figurines, you name it! Katie first began helping the Sanctuary out about a year ago. She has acomplished so much; learning proper care and feeding of horses, how to work with them safely, leading, haltering, learning their cues. Katie helped to rescue many dogs on our Louisiana trip and never complained a bit.

Flicka was a show horse, an incredible, beautiful showhorse. She had everything going for her, a great person who loved her a lavish lifestyle and was queen of the ring. We don't know her entire story, but somewhere along the lines, Flicka aged, she began to have a hard time keeping her weight on and was thrown out to pasture. Having chipped her front teeth, she could no longer grab the lush grass and became very thin and hungry. She ended up at the Sale Barn and was purchased by Monty, one of the kill Buyers. She would have been at the slaughter plant by now had Marty Metzger not stepped in. Flicka entered our Sanctuary just as winter was well on its way severely underweight and with no energy.

It was love at first sight for Katie and Flicka. Flicka couldn't get enough of Katie's brushing and petting. She immediately picks up her feet for her hoof cleaning for Katie and will allow Katie to learn the ways of the horse safely!

Happy Holidays Katie! With the support of her family, Katie's first horse will now be Flicka. Flicka continues to recover at the Sanctuary and Katie along with her parents visit on a regular basis. She now has a new halter, leadrope, brush, hoof pick and still plenty of senior feed.