Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Simple Ways to Advocate for all Animals

I think it's easy for some of us to feel overwhelmed with existing issues of animal abuse, neglect, and or abandonment. I know that I often feel as if there aren't enough laws and ordinances to protect animals living in our various communities. It's important to remember that all of us, as community members, share a voice in how animal welfare laws are established. If there is an animal welfare law that you feel should be in place or one that should be changed, take a stand and contact community and or government officials. Take the time to write letters to the editors of newspapers and to attend city council or town hall meetings. Be prepared to share your thoughts by jotting down important points. I think that many of us can concur that there should be more stringent animal welfare laws in many of our communities. As well, take the time to thank a government official for signing a bill into law. It's great to be heard and to make changes for the betterment of the lives of animals. Both the ASPCA and HSUS websites provide many opportunities for advocacy and update animal lovers on changes made to existing laws or new laws that have been enforced state and nationwide. Signing up as a member to one of these sites permits you, as an advocate, to send e-mails or letters to government officials. It's an easy way to stay active for animals! Don't forget, advocating can simply mean educating another person about the welfare of animals. Simply initiating positive conversations with others can help people to view things in new ways. Contact us if you have any questions!