Monday, February 12, 2007

Can't Adopt or Foster? Think about Sponsoring!

There are so many of us that want to adopt another animal, or just adopt one and simply can't, simply due to where we are at in our own lives. For those who can't presently adopt, but would also like to have the experience of caring for an animal, consider being a sponsor. The sanctuary currently has many goats, dogs, horses, and others who need a sponsor to support them. Sponsorship is also a great way to educate children and young adults about the actual cost involved in caring for an animal. What a great way to slowly introduce the adoption process? We are always willing to answer any question that you may have about sponsorship. It costs a different amount of money to sponsor various animals (prices listed on website), due to the size and food consumption of the animal, level of grooming, etc. If you are interested in sponsoring a certain animal, let us know and we will work with you on an individual basis based on your interests. Some sponsors simply want to pay for food and health care, which is wonderful! Others choose to become more involved and may want to visit the animal on a regular basis. The choice is yours! Sponsors with children, feel free to incorporate the visiting and working with your animal as an educational opportunity just waiting to blossom. If you need some ideas about how to develop a lesson based on the animal, it's habitat, features, care, contact Shanon at Young adults sponsoring an animal may choose to work with the animal and create a report or presentation based on their positive interactions with the animal. As you can see, sponsorship means many things and can be individualized to meet your needs. Contact us at the sanctuary if you are interested. There are many animals that need loving sponsors and advocates right now! They are listed on our site currently.