Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Educational Links

We know that many of you have questions regarding animal care, how to help in the community and some questions are very specific to situations in your own towns and cities, along with personal experiences. Please visit our 'educational links' tab on the Denkai site. We are adding to it all the time, in the hope that resources will be provided to anyone that has a question about an animal care related issue. If you have any suggestions or know a great site that can be listed, please contact us. We know that this is an effective way to reach out to all of you who have supported the sanctuary through volunteerism, sponsorship, adoption, and by donating.
Connecting with all of you by providing you with resources is a wonderful way that we can all reach out to help the animals in our respective communities. There are some wonderful articles and experiences that people have shared on many of the provided sites. Information is given on such issues as feral cat care, horse rehabilitation and advocacy, and tips on how to get your children and students involved in advocating for animals. Check them out when you have the opportunity!

-Shanon Chalmers