Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Arabian Horses Finding Homes

Augusta Moun and Bint Joi are enjoying their stay at Lori and Bill Delfs in Loveland, CO. A big hug and thank you go out to Dr. Susan Williams for her dedication to our equines and veterinary care.

Lady Josephine, Jasmine, and El Lucero have found a loving new home with the Atkinson Family in Fleming, CO. They send weekly updates and are enjoying their time with these wonderful horses!

Maggie Atkinson shows Jamsine off to her grandchildren who waited anxiously in the car!

Karen Legros and her son, Elijah of La Porte have adopted Bint Bint Shafar

Six of our Niwot Arabian Horses have found homes in the last couple of months. The situation with these horses has been a very long, drawn out and political ordeal. There are no words to describe the joy we feel knowing that these horses are finding good, loving homes where they will have all the care, food and attention they will ever need. Never again will they go without.

There are so many to thank for assisting us in saving these wonderful horses: PetSmart Charities
Boulder Community Foundation
Darrin Hill
Brad Laue
Our many dedicated contributors
Arabian Horse Association
Ray Reichley