Monday, July 13, 2009

Over 100 Pet Rabbits Need Help Immediately!

Denkai Animal Sanctuary

Cheyenne, WY - Today we were called in to a situation in which more than 100 pet rabbits and counting are in desperate need. These rabbits have been bred and used for their fur. The owner brushes them on a regular basis to gather their excess and shedding fur in order to weave with it.

What started with a few rabbits and a hobby is now seriously out of control. Once again, animals are suffering at the hands of human callousness. This individual is losing her home due to foreclosure. These rabbits are currently being housed in her garage and will have two options: 1. To be rescued in a joint effort by Denkai and other rescue groups in which they will be spayed and neutered and placed in homes or 2. To be euthanized by the local shelter. Since these rabbits are being housed in the county, we have the opportunity to help save them. They are all handled daily by a 7 year old girl and would be wonderful pets for and educated family.

We expect all females of reproducing age to be pregnant as the males and females have not been separated and expect that what is now 100 rabbits will easily turn to several hundred or many more in a very short time if we do not act right away.

A Wyoming Sanctuary will be temporarily housing these rabbits while we work to seek out other rescues, sanctuaries and individuals able to assist in taking in or fostering these bunnies. A joint effort in getting these bunnies to safety will begin this week.

Funding in the amount of $7,500 for spay and neuter costs. This number will most likely mount daily.

Tuff sheds or another steel building would be really ideal. If you know of anybody who would be willing to purchase this item or contribute toward it, it is a desperate need.

In-kind Contributions Needed include:

Supplies needed:
Rabbit Cages
Tuff Sheds
Timothy Hay
Funding for spay and neuter at a cost of $75.00 per bunny
Foster Homes
Rescues and Sanctuaries willing to take these babies in.
broccoli, cabbage, celery, and most dark colored greens
Papaya tablets
For baby bunnies up to adult hood we need: alfalfa hay and or pellets

To contribute: Visit and click any donate now button.
Mail Contributions to: 36710 WCR 126 Grover, CO 80729