Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bubba The Haflinger

Bubba is an 8 year old Haflinger of whom our Founder felt a strong pull to rescue. He was off loaded at the local Fort Collins sale barn and we were told by the owner that he was given to him, trained to drive and ride, and he no longer wanted this horse, so he brought Bubba to the sale barn thinking he would bring a good meat price because he is so fat.


So needless to say, a full day of harassment by sale barn staff did not bring our founder to her knees, she stayed, bid on Bubba and brought him home.

Elijah, our 17 year old trainer from Fort Collins is in the below video riding Bubba, you will see his one quirk which has gotten much better as we ride him more. After this workout, the sanctuary's workers and founder went for a 3 mile ride with Bubba and others. He did great, we truly think he will make a great beginner/kids horse.

Contact us for info at: or (970) 895-2337